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Who Nose

Mary is on her way to one room or another in the CamPound when RevCam accosts her and asks if she wants to tell him anything. Mary says, "Not really," and tries to leave, but Daddy Cam tosses her a mini-guilt trip about lying by omission. His shirt is open enough at the top to show some chest fuzz. Reverend Camden, please. You know the stomach flu's been going around. Mary elects not to go on the guilt trip and she tells her dad that there's a guy at community service, but they aren't "seeing" each other because doing community service together can hardly be considered "seeing someone." Okay, Mary, but you do realize you can still get pregnant if you kiss him on the mouth at night time, right? Mary goes on to ask her father why punishment always has to be a bad thing. RevCam acts like he's considering the question, and then he's all Mr. Sarcastic, "Because, uh, it's punishment?" Then he wants to know if this Robbie Palmer has a name. Why, yes, he has a wonderful name! It's Robbie Palmer -- sigh! Now Mary has to go or she'll be late in all her orange eye shadow, so she kisses RevCam and leaves him there making his goofy faces.

Back at "Roosevelt School," Ruthie is bugging her art teacher with her cutesy remarks about "knows" sounding like "nose" and people having their "noses" in "other people's business." The teacher tells Ruthie that her clay impression of Simon's nose, entitled "Simon Knows" could really be the start of a piece of art, blah blah. Who cares?

Back at Lucy's locker, Mary informs her sister that she, Mary, was giving Lucy the silent treatment in the car. Lucy doesn't give a care. Friendless and apparently locker-less Mary wants to know why "Judas" Lucy ratted to the CamRents about Robbie Palmer. Lucy says she didn't squeal. Instead of apologizing, Mary sighs and deduces that RevDad must have seen her with Robbie. Lucy tells her some crap about falling in love while serving her time. Mary comes out with some cow chip about it being God's way of restoring her self-esteem. Sure, Mary. He works in ways that are not only mysterious, but also totally ridiculous, right? Lucy rains on Mary's parade, telling her that while God probably helped get her sorry ass out of jail, He probably doesn't care whether she finds love while de-littering the community. D'oh! Mary non-sequiturs into asking Lucy if she'd talk to the CamRents on Mary's behalf. She wants Lucy to lay out some line like, "Isn't it great that Mary found such a great guy?" Mary, step away from the crack pipe. Oh, wait. Sorry. I forgot -- all the cool kids are HUFFING these days. Lucy comes out with some stupid speech about how she can't be the Camden daughter and Mary's sister at the same time. Huh? Lay off the huff -- um -- the huff tube, Lucy! Mary is all happily blinded by Bad Boy Lust as she tells Lucy to be her sister, then, and takes off down the hall. Lucy rolls her eyes. I second that emotion.

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