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Fostering Failure, Adopting Apathy

"What a difference you've made in my liiiife!" sings some generically-voiced man as photos, presumably of families with foster and/or adopted children, flash onto the screen. RevCam isn't watching because he's too busy looking proud of himself for getting this all put together, even though Simon obviously did it last night with iMovie while stoned off his ass on some homeless-girl-grown-weed. Is that a family wearing oversized sombreros in honor of their adopted Mexican child? How culturally sensitive! Hey, did you know that Brenda Hampton has two adopted children? That sort of makes this entire episode a big old pat on the back for her, doesn't it? You have to respect, however grudgingly, someone who's got balls like that. A toast to you, Brenda Hampton. A toast to you from my halfway to hell half-beer.

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