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Fostering Failure, Adopting Apathy

RevCam talks to his phone. It's pathetic how lonely this man is. Can't he hang out with Capt. Michaels or Richard Lewis? Off-screen, preferably, especially if it's the latter. When the phone rings, RevCam jumps on it and answers, "Kevin?" But it's Lucy, and RevCam's disappointment at that fact is, admittedly, very funny. Anyway, Lucy needs to fill some more time in this episode, so she's calling to tell her dad what she told him her last scene, which is that he's sending Kevin on a mission she has no faith he can accomplish. Honestly, it seems like a pretty simple task to me: pull out checkbook, write check for five hundred dollars, give to Simon. Maybe the Kevbot's hand circuits aren't functioning today or something. RevCam says he's trying to teach Kevin "not to help unless you really can help." Again, I really don't see how Kevin, presuming he has five hundred dollars to loan, can't help here.

Kevin meets Simon's stoner RA and asks him if he's ever broken a variety of dorm rules. When he asks StoneRA if he's ever brought pot into the dorm, StoneRA laughs, then says no. Hee. Simon asks Kevin what's he doing here, and Kevin says he's just trying to find a way that StoneRA broke the rules so that he could be more understanding of the fact that Simon broke them. StoneRA tells Kevin that Simon broke the rules, and if you break the rules, you get kicked out, and that's all there is to it. So Kevin asks to speak to StoneRA's supervisor, the Dean of Students. StoneRA tells Kevin to make an appointment, then agrees to fetch him. That's the last we'll see of StoneRA, which is a shame, since he'd be kind of hot if he kept his mouth closed and he's far and away the best guest star this show has had all season.

RevCam and his phone continue their thrilling staring contest. I don't even know how RevCam can see his phone, since his office is so dark, even though it's supposed to be the middle of the day.

The Dean of Students meets Kevin and quickly ascertains that Kevin has no authority as a police officer on this campus. Kevin says that Simon's getting kicked out seems "suspicious," which, honestly, it doesn't. My college had a rule about not letting unauthorized people live in your dorm room, too. I don't think it was ever enforced, but it was still a rule. Dean of Students tells Kevin that he got his answer from StoneRA: they're not letting Simon back in the dorm. Kevin asks if he can talk to anyone else, and Dean of Students suggests the Dean of the School, adding that Kevin might want to go to her instead of making her come to him. Because she's that important.

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