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Fostering Failure, Adopting Apathy

RevCam. Phone. Waste of five minutes.

Kevin and the Dean of the School talk outside, since if this show doesn't have enough money for proper lighting, it's not going to be able to build a new set for her office, is it? Dean of the School breaks it down for Kevin: no one is going to change the rules for Simon, and if Kevin raises his soon-to-be daughter to think that nothing is ever her fault and she never has to face the consequences of her actions, then his daughter is going to be pretty messed up. Like she wasn't going to be that way anyway, having Lucy as her mother.

Kevin finds Simon and says they're going to need RevCam. RevCam jumps on the ringing phone and futilely attempts to hide his superior smirk when Kevin says he needs his help. Like someone who just spent half the day staring at his phone has any right to be smug.

RevCam is now on campus. I wonder if all the ladies stared at him when he walked through. He reports that he talked to the dean, and could not get Simon back on campus. But he was also able to get in touch with a guy who rents rooms out to graduate students, and he can get Simon and Christina "low-income" single apartments there. Hmm. Every guy I knew who rented places out to college kids was best described as a "slumlord" and the apartments were best described as "shitholes," but good job, RevCam. I'm sure the roach-infested, building-ordinance-violating, closet-sized room you got for Simon is better than the apartment he picked out. RevCam says he thinks these apartments are perfect because Simon and Christina won't be living together. RevCam adds that the place is for "serious" students, so no partying. He says it again, just so we know what a dork RevCam was during his college days.

Suddenly, Christina herself comes walking in the room and is introduced to RevCam, to whom she says she's "embarrassed about what happened." "Embarrassed"? I'd be more "ashamed" that I got some guy kicked out of his student housing, but whatever. Simon tells Christina about the sweet apartments that RevCam got them, and RevCam asks to speak to Christina's parents, even though, as a college sophomore, she's almost definitely a legal adult so there's no reason why her parents should be involved with this, and especially no reason why RevCam should talk to them. But it's a moot point, as Christina reports that she "came out of Social Services," and now that she's eighteen, she's not with them anymore, either. But despite being in foster homes for the last ten years of her life and having to move around a lot and switch schools all the time, she graduated high school and got a partial scholarship to Low Standards U, although that wasn't enough to pay for a dorm. I'm sorry, but no. If you're a ward of the state with no money, I have to think that getting all the financial aid and student loans you need to go to school isn't very hard. I actually knew a foster child who got a full ride to his college of choice, no loans needed. Plus, he got to go on Oprah. Anyway, Christina doesn't have a job right now and no way to pay for a security deposit, so RevCam volunteers to give her part of the money Kevin loaned Simon and whatever he can get from the church's petty cash fund. Hopefully, the slumlord will accept payment in individual bottled waters and pints of expensive ice cream, since I'm pretty sure that's where the church's petty cash is right now.

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