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Fostering Failure, Adopting Apathy

RevCam meets Danny, who arrives in the care of -- oh my god, would you look at this shining beacon of continuity -- CPS lady! Hooray! I always liked her. She tells RevCam that she'll be in the corner of the room, watching and judging. "Don't let the black guy fool you, I don't get into a lot of fights," says Danny. Damn, that's cold! CPS Lady may have a deep voice, but she's definitely a female! And why the racism, Danny? Oh, wait -- he said "black eye." A misunderstanding that could easily be cleared up if this show would just cast people who were capable of clear speech. Anyway, Danny alludes to physical abuse and says he hasn't seen his sisters in a long time, and he misses them. He changes the subject to bathrooms, and RevCam mentions they have one down the hall. Danny runs off to find it. I guess Mexican Fiesta night down at the Social Services Home didn't go down very well.

Danny's absence gives CPS Lady, who turns out to be named "Greta," a chance to tell it like it is. Preach it, Greta! "See, some things are your business, and some things are my business," she begins. She narrows her eyes and accuses RevCam of "stepping" into her business, then yells at RevCam for talking to the Davis kids without calling her first. Greta calls Christina a "success story," since when most Social Service kids leave the system they end up on drugs or pregnant, and while Social Services has programs for them, they don't have anything for the people who actually do okay. Why would they? If they're doing okay, what programs do they need? I don't want my tax dollars going to some "People Who Are All Right, And Keeping It That Way" program unless I get to take it. Greta asks RevCam what he's going to do about the Davises and the families across America just like them. Hold on there, Greta: RevCam didn't say anything about helping the rest of the country. That would be foolish!

RevCam comes home to find the entire family eating dinner without him. Kevin gets RevCam a plate and apologizes for not being able to handle the Simon situation himself. That's not good enough for Lucy, who nags him to tell RevCam that he learned his lesson and he won't try to parent anymore. Well, that's good. We certainly wouldn't want Kevin to get practice before he becomes a first-time father, now, would we? RevCam stops lecturing so he can stare at everyone with his mouth hanging open, until someone offstage pokes SamVid with a stick so they can ask RevCam why he's doing that. RevCam says he just loves having dinner with his family and having a family, and -- "teaching each other little lessons?" Lucy tries to finish. Shut up, Lucy. You aren't RevCam's favorite child and you aren't going to be RevCam's favorite child, no matter how hard you try. So stop. RevCam seems to agree with me, since he reminds Lucy that he doesn't "know everything about everything." But he does know nothing about everything. Or is that everything about nothing? Kevin asks RevCam how he's going to help the Davises. Annie icily asks if they've been volunteered for anything. Ruthie and Martin say they don't mind sharing their space. Martin says he would even live in the tent in the backyard if that would help someone. Better yet, Martin, you could take that trust fund of yours and rent your own apartment! Annie says there will be no new children in the CamPound. Lucy says that she and Kevin will help any way they can, although they're not exactly jumping to give up their apartment, are they? SamVid tell RevCam they're sure he'll figure out a way to help the Davis children.

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