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Fostering Failure, Adopting Apathy

RevCam comes back in the car and reports that the situation is "spiraling downward." They'll have to banish it to Buffalo soon. Is Peter Graves available?

Home again, RevCam finds Martin in the hallway. Martin tells RevCam he hopes he can help the Davises. Martin can relate to them, since they're in Social Services, and he's...well, not. But he's afraid of it happening, even though he has an aunt and the ability, not to mention the money, to become an emancipated minor. RevCam says he hopes he can think of something. Martin says he'll tell Meredith that at school tomorrow. Ruthie and Happy come out from behind a corner and, Ruthie asks what Martin's going to tell Meredith. Hmm...her spying skills certainly have gone downhill. I wish I could say the same for her clothes sense, but that t-shirt with a horse face on it that looks like it came straight out of an Artex catalogue is actually an improvement over her usual outfits. Ruthie goes to bed, leaving RevCam with Happy. They have a scintillating conversation:

Happy: [Bark.]
RevCam: I don't know. I really don't know.
Happy: [Whine.]
RevCam: I don't have a solution, okay?
Happy: [Bark!]
RevCam: [mumbles]

It's like an episode of Lassie, but without anyone getting trapped in a mineshaft or June Lockhart calling the operator on that awesome farm phone, so it totally sucks. But I guess this is what happens when the woman who plays your wife only works twenty hours a week. Speaking of whom, she's not even waiting for RevCam in bed. Instead, she left a ridiculously ornate note on the pillow that says, in freaking cursive that looks like it came from a quill pen, that she's at Lucy's. Maybe Catherine Hicks has been spending her copious amounts of free time off the set taking calligraphy classes.

The phone rings. It's Greta, who's basking in the glow of her victory. I like Greta and all, but does she ever leave work? She's still in her office and it's like ten o'clock. Go out more, Greta. But stay away from the Promenade. RevCam wonders if they can get Mackenzie's parental rights terminated without her consent. And then he says he just gives up. Wow. So he finally has to deal with a situation he can't simplify down to one easy answer, and he freaking gives up? What a tool. What a terrible show. Because Greta has a basic understanding of how to deal with complex problems, she says she won't accept that, and smirks as RevCam explains that he has no idea what to do. Holding the phone five feet away from her mouth, Greta tells RevCam to "keep praying" and try to think of something. He hangs up, and yet another exciting exchange of dialogue takes place:

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