7th Heaven
With Honors

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With Honors

Liars, cheaters, walkie-talkies, and stoner fathers. Someone just shoot me now.

We start with SuperMom and RevCam dressing the twins for a long day of eating, barfing, and crying. Ruthie comes in and wants to know "what kind of fun stuff" SuperMom has planned for Ruthie's day off from school tomorrow. SuperMom replies, "Well, let's see. Tomorrow, you can help me clean the bathrooms, do the laundry, repair the kitchen sink, darn socks, reorganize the linen closet, and go shopping." Ruthie: "Toy shopping?" SuperMom: "Food shopping." Ruthie: "Man, this is gonna be worse than school." Mr. Stupidhead: "Man, this episode is gonna be worse than setting fire to my face and putting it out with an icepick." Ruthie takes her leave, finally, and Mary walks in with an icepack on her lip, which she evidently used to catch a basketball at practice. Annie and the Rev ask how Mary's acceptance speech for her "Local Businessman's Senior All-Sports Award" is coming, and she reports, "Not well, but since Cory and I are sharing the award, maybe she could give the speech." Mary leaves as Lucy enters in a huff. "You have to help me. I don't want to work ["I just want to bang on the drum all day"] in the attendance office tomorrow." Lucy didn't realize that when she volunteered, she was going to be giving up her study hall. Life is rough. After sharing an exasperated glance, Annie and the Rev gather up the babies and leave. Lucy: "You're not gonna help me?" No response. Poor Lucy. She's gonna have to DEAL. Wah.

In the hallway, the parental units bump into Simon and his friend, Lee. Simon wants to know if Lee can stay for dinner. SuperMom: "Sure, just be sure to call your mother to let her know where you are." Lee: "My mom died a long time ago." SuperMom: "I'm sorry. I didn't know." Lee goes on to say that his father works nights as a private investigator with the FBI (which Simon is annoyingly excited about). SuperMom: "Then, who feeds you?" Lee: "Grandma." SuperMom: "Well, call her, then." It is understood, and Simon and Lee go off to look at porn on the Internet or something. Annie says, "I think being a minister is a lot cooler than working for the FBI." RevCam: "That's why I think you're the bomb, baby." Yes, he really said that. You know, I may make fun of them, but I think Annie and Eric kind of rule. I mean, I hope when I'm their age, I still get down like they do. I think that's great. ["Point taken. But if our own father used the phrase 'the bomb,' we'd have to have him committed. I'm just saying." -- Sars]

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