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With Honors

Back to campus, where the midterm has just ended. Matt is about to talk to Chickenhead when Professor Valentine tells him, "We need to talk." Matt: "Is there a problem?" The Prof: "Several students approached me to report that after I left the classroom, they thought that something was going on between you, James Potter, and another student." Matt: "You know me, I don't cheat." Professor Valentine: "I'm afraid that's not going to be good enough." Oh, come on. It's Matt. Matt Camden. Whatever. I think Professor Valentine has an attitude problem.

Back at the house, Lee has just arrived and is headed upstairs when he drops his bag on the ground, spilling its contents. RevCam goes over to help, and Lee says nervously, "That's okay, I think I've got it." But RevCam has already retrieved the little bag filled with green stuff that fell from Lee's bag. RevCam: "Is this marijuana?" I think you know the answer to that one, big boy. Everyone looks shifty-eyed as we go to commercial.

Back at Casa Camden, we see Lee and Simon exchanging awkward glances up in Simon's room. Lee says, "What I am about to tell you, you can't tell anyone else. The pot belongs to my father." Simon: "I really do want to believe you." After this, we watch Lee and Simon sit in silence, both twitching uncomfortably.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Annie packs the bong while Eric -- oh, wait, they're just sitting solemnly. Matt enters, and asks what's wrong. RevCam: "We'll tell you later." SuperMom then asks Matt about how his midterm went, and he tells them the whole story about CheaterBoy2K and how CB2K won't even get in trouble because his father is a big contributor to the school. "Could be worse," Matt continues. "According to the honor code I signed, Professor Valentine could have flunked me on the spot."

Up in the Dynamic Duo's room, Lucy is trying on clothes to wear to the "Fall Fling" dance. She apparently has nothing to wear. Ruthie overhears Lucy saying just that, and tells her that if she mows the lawn for Simon, she will get Mary to lend her her new sweater. Lucy: "What are you up to?" Mr. Stupidhead: " Do you really care?" Anyway, Lucy agrees, because "that sweater would look fabulous with my khaki miniskirt." Fabulous? Miniskirt? Yeah, Luce. You'll knock 'em dead with your outrageous attire. Not. Khaki miniskirt. Oh, yeah -- Ruthie, shut up.

Sergeant Michaels arrives downstairs with some information on Lee's father. Apparently, he was busted for possession a couple of years back. Now he and Lee live with Lee's grandmother, who holds two jobs to support them. Lee's mother, who forfeited custody of him when he was only five, pops up every once in a while at a methadone or rehab clinic. RevCam: "This is worse than I thought, let's go talk to the father. I'll get Lee." I gotta say, that really does suck for Lee.

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