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With Honors

Up in the master bedroom, Mary is scoping a pair of SuperMom's earrings. Ruthie comes in, and tells Mary that she can "get Mom to lend you those earrings for your awards ceremony." Mary: "What would I have to do in return?" Ruthie: "Lend Lucy your new sweater." "If I say 'yes,' will you leave me alone?" Mary asks. Word. Ruthie: "Yes." Woo hoo! "Well, then, yes. Lucy can borrow my sweater," Mary says. When will this end?

At the 7th Heaven version of the 90210 Peach Pit, Matt and Chickenhead bump into CheaterBoy, who acts belligerent when Matt approaches him. He cracks wise about RevCam, and Matt almost punches him. Fortunately, Chickenhead is there to tell Matt, "He's not worth it." Matt: "My dad taught me that if you have a problem, go to the source." Whatever. They're outta there and, thank God, so are we.

Back at the Camden house, Lucy is answering the phone. Once again, it's Mr. Wonderful. But this time he has a totally different agenda. Mr. Wonderful: "Quarter grades are out next week, and you can't get into Harvard with Cs in biology. So, I need access to the school's computers to change my grades, which, because of your new job in the attendance office, you can help me out. My mom is calling me, but can we talk about the details tomorrow?" Lucy: "But I --" Dial tone. You sure can pick 'em, Luce.

Cut to Lee, RevCam, and Sergeant Michael at Lee's house, where his grandmother is doing laundry in the garage. After a brief introduction, RevCam tells Grandma (who kind of looks like a sumo wrestler) that "Lee had a baggie of marijuana in his backpack." Mr. Peterson, a surly and shaggy looking man, comes out and asks, "What's going on out here?" Grandma: "They found drugs on Lee." Mr. Pothead: "Did you tell them they were my drugs? My son's a liar. Aren't you, Lee?" Acting a little paranoid there, sir? Have you been, I dunno, smoking pot? RevCam jumps in: "Look, I'm the minister at Glenoak Community Church, and if --" Pothead cuts him off: "That's very nice, but you should mind your own business, and leave me and my son and my mother alone!" At this, he grabs his family and goes inside, leaving RevCam and the Sarge looking thoughtful and concerned. I can't believe there is still a television show that treats pot like a narcotic. Time for a word from the sponsors.

Up in the master bedroom, Ruthie tells SuperMom, "I overheard Mary telling Lucy that she wanted to wear grandma's sparkle earrings to the awards ceremony today. It would mean the world to her." Annie finds Mary in the hall, and says "just the Camden I was looking for. I thought you might like to wear grandma's earrings to the ceremony." Mary looks less than psyched. SuperMom: "What is it?" Mary: "Cory just called. They are taking away her half of the award because they found out she has a baby. That to give her an award endorses teen pregnancy. I'm not going. I don't want their stupid award." Say word. That is pretty ridiculous.

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