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Matt barges into RevCam's office and yaks about Shana for a while. He's not happy with the long-distance thing. Then he runs out. Who cares?

Annie shows up at Ruthie's classroom. The kids are at recess and Ms. Riddle is alone. Annie tells the version of the story that she heard: Ms. Riddle asked who the first US president was, Ruthie said Jefferson, and Mean Bitch called her stupid. "That's not what I said," says the teacher, laughing. Annie is relieved. "I told Ruthie that her answer was stupid," continues Mean Bitch. D'oh! She says there's a difference. Annie says that for an eight-year-old child, it's hard to tell the difference. Ms. Riddle gets ready to shove her foot farther into her mouth. "I think I know where this is coming from. Everyone wants to believe their [sic] child is perfect. But the truth is, the apple usually doesn't fall far from the tree." Annie asks if the teacher just called her stupid. She asks it in a surprised, pitiful way, though. On the one hand, I want to tell y'all what I would have said in her place. I would have said, "Did you just call me stupid?" See, it's the same thing Annie said, but I'd raise my eyebrow and use my bitch-don't-be-trippin' voice. On the other hand, I can't say for sure that I would react that way, because if my kid's teacher had the nerve to speak to me that way, it's possible that I'd be shocked into silence. Ms. R starts to demur but Annie interrupts, telling her that nothing justifies calling a child stupid. Ms. Riddle says that they each have their own opinion. Annie says, "Yes, but yours is wrong!" Ms. R gets up and thinks she's gonna have to ask Annie to leave now. Annie gets up in her turn and says she's not going anywhere. Bitchy Teacher threatens to call the principal. Annie tells her to go ahead and make her day. Whatever. Cut the catch phrases and kick her ass, Annie! The teacher pouts and the scene ends. Gee, thanks for that resolution, guys.

Meanwhile, back at the church, Bill and Sheila Carver join RevCam in his office. Bill is all, "Look . . ." and says that they won't bring Bobby to church next week if his outbursts are a problem. He's played by some guy who's been on a bunch of other shows. I bet either he has been or will be a "Hey, It's That Guy!" on Fametracker. RevCam says he brought them there to discuss Bobby's ADD. Bill's hackles rise and he wants to know who said Bobby had ADD. RevCam fingers Sheila for that one. Bill gives Sheila (hey, it's that chick!) the old reproachful look, and she makes that face than Samantha used to make when she said, "Well . . ." to that jerk Darren. RevCam jabbers about Louis thinking Bobby has Tourette's. Bill doesn't even want to hear it. He gets up to leave. He means no disrespect, but if the doctors haven't been able to help his son in the past nine years, he doesn't think RevCam's gonna be able to do jack, either. He peels out. Sheila follows, stopping long enough to give Rev the "I'll sneak to your house and beg for advice later, okay?" look that all the female parishioners eventually give him because they're too sad-sack and sorry to handle their own lives. At this point I try, for the third or fourth time, to fix my television set so that I see the "RevCaptions" Cate was telling me about last week. I still can't see them! RevCam hasn't said anything at all to me, even though I put some aluminum foil on the cable box. I'm a bit frustrated.

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