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Ms. Riddle is passing out some papers. Annie bursts in with a bunch of extras. "Mrs. Camden -- what's going on?" asks Ms. Riddle all innocent-like. "I found a few other people who agree with me and aren't wild about having their sons and daughters called stupid." Ms. Riddle grimaces. Then she says, "You foiled me this time, Annie Camden, but I'll be back to DESTROY your stupid daughter's love of school and next time YOU WON'T STOP ME! HA, HA, HA!!!" A cloud of green smoke appears. When it dissipates, The Riddle is gone. Annie smiles. Ruthie whispers to her friend, "That's my mom!" Annie winks at her, just like Clark Kent.

Mary's chasing Warm Flannelette down the hall, yelling, "Denise!" in her jockish voice. Mary apologizes for her lack of interference in Laurel's cruelty. Then she invites Denise to "the Millers' party" which is supposed to be "a huge blowout." Denise is a bit incredulous. Mary explains that she was supposed to go with her boyfriend, but he hasn't called, so she's asking Denise instead. Denise points out that she wasn't invited. Mary just invited her. How does Denise know this isn't a trick? Because Mary isn't Laurel. No, she isn't, agrees Denise. They bask in each other's smiles. Here come Laurel and the Pussycats. Denise is downcast, walking away. Mary manhandles her, telling Laurel that Denise doesn't have to leave. "Are you sure about that?" brilliantly retorts Laurel. Mary's sure. "Fine. If you want to hang out with farmers, go ahead," meows Laurel, whose boots match those of her friends. "You know, Denise isn't a farmer, and you are --" says Mary hotly. Laurel gives her the sweet smile of bitchiness. Mary chills and finishes, "And you know what you are." She grips Denise again and they walk down the hall a bit. Then Mary turns around and tells the Pussycats, "Oh, and what makes you think that she doesn't badmouth you when you're not around?" At first I thought she meant Denise, but then Blonde Cat turns to Laurel and asks, "What's Mary talking about?" Then Brunette Cat goes, "Do you say stuff behind our backs?" Laurel makes an "Oh, Ri-i-icky!" face and they walk off in a huff.

At the doctor's office, Bill joins Sheila and Bobby in the waiting room. Sheila can't believe he showed up. Later he'll tell her why he hasn't been there for her in the past. She wants today to be a fresh start. Aw. Good for them. Sadly, Sheila has to ask Bill how he got to the hospital without the car. Bill says a friend gave him a lift. They all turn and see nosy RevCam stalking at the doorway. They smile and hug each other, and it's just like when Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble get help from The Great Gazoo.

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7th Heaven




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