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Pete has called Simon over for a talk. Simon thinks he's about to be fired, which he pre-empts by quitting. At least he thanks Pete for giving him a chance, though. I'm a little shocked that a character actually said something polite on this show, but I guess that sort of thing will slip through occasionally, despite the writers' best efforts to prevent it.

Oh, yuck -- it's Uncle Hank. Dopey has taken it upon himself to call him down to the clinic to examine Gina. You see, Matt doesn't agree with Dr. Kent's diagnosis, so I guess he's calling in his own specialists now. After a whole lot of sighing, Uncle Hank agrees to see Gina. Because Dopey's not actually, you know, a doctor or anything, he has set up Gina in a chair in the hallway. I'm surprised he only has her sitting there, and not lying down, spread-eagled, all ready for a gynecological exam. Uncle Hank asks her some questions, then says he will be right back. Even though Dopey's not actually, you know, a doctor or anything, he feels the need to discuss Gina's case with Hank. Hank cuts him off to ask the clinic nurse for an exam room, an ultrasound machine, and Gina's medical chart. It turns out that Hank really does have privileges at the clinic -- not that a lack of privileges would have stopped him, I imagine. Hank walks off, and Dopey sighs. The nurse tells him, "When Dr. Kent finds out what you did, you're going to be in some serious trouble." Personally, I hope Dr. Kent tortures him cruelly.

RevCam's cleaning up the kitchen when Annie comes back home. He feigns delight to see her, but she doesn't seem to care. She makes the announcement that she has decided to quit college. Okay, let's see a show of hands from anyone who cares. No, for real. Anyone?

RevCam follows his wife up to the CamBoudoir, where Annie is making a phone call. That won't stop RevCam from trying to have a conversation with her, though. Do all the people involved in the creation of this show come from a part of the country where phones are unheard of? I'm just trying to come up with some sort of explanation, no matter how farfetched, for why every single character seems to struggle with even the most rudimentary aspects of how to operate a telephone. Like a hyperactive child, RevCam insists that he wants to talk to Annie now. When Annie again explains that she's on the phone, RevCam asks her if she wants him to leave. That would be nice.

As he's leaving the CamBoudoir, Eric feigns screaming. Ruthie catches him at it, and she's just about as amused as I am. At least I'm not wearing an ugly white sweatshirt with pictures of horses' heads on it, though. I wonder if the back of the sweatshirt has horses' asses on it.

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