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Annie goes into Ruthie's room to ask her about her essay. Ruthie has finally decided what she wants to be when she grows up. She tells Annie: "I want to be you." She lists off some of the skills Annie uses as a homemaker, such as plumbing, electrical work, fixing cars and managing money. It's actually a nice tribute to homemakers, though it in no way makes up for George's cloddish musings from a few minutes ago. Annie kind of brushes it off to ask Ruthie if she'd mind Annie being at her school a few days a week. Ruthie doesn't mind, nor does she think to question why Annie would be at her school.

RevCam asks her, though, as soon as she leaves Ruthie's room. When SuperMom accuses him of spying on her, he replies, in frustration, "Yes, that's what I've been reduced to: spying." I don't know how Stephen Collins got that comment on the lameness of his role past the producers. Annie walks off, shaking her head in disgust. RevCam looks heavenward and demands that God make Annie talk to him.

At the clinic, Dopey is still avoiding doing any work while he hangs out with Hank, pretending that his opinions are of use to his uncle. Dr. Kent storms in and fires Dopey, telling him that "around here, orderlies don't second-guess doctors." Hank suggests that they should. Right, Hank -- great idea. Even though, in this case, it was actually the patient herself who realized Dr. Kent's diagnosis was misinformed, let's give the Dopester all the credit. After all, he's an orderly. After explaining that Gina is suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, Hank gets to give a pompous speech entitled "What Medicine Means To Me." Then he tries to fire Dr. Kent. I'll bet someone pointed out to the writer that Hank probably couldn't legally fire anyone from the clinic, which must be why the writer added something about Hank being on the clinic's board of directors. That still doesn't sound totally legal to me, but I guess it's good enough for Glenoak. After Dr. Kent leaves, the nurse comes over to point out that since Dr. Kent was the only doctor on duty at the clinic, there is no one to look after the rest of the patients. Hank says that he will attend to them. Dopey nobly offers to do whatever he can to help. It sounds like he means he'd like to treat some of the patients himself, but I think that would be too irresponsible even for this show. Dopey offers to put in his own time to assist his uncle. I'd commend him for that, if it weren't for the fact that he is in no way qualified to practice medicine! Hank smiles proudly at him just the same. Dopey sighs in what he probably thinks is a very doctorly manner. I just hope the clinic has its malpractice insurance up to date.

At the pool hall, Lucy is nowhere to be seen. Robbie is trying to get Hugh Jass to leave, saying that Lucy asked him to do so. I highly doubt that's true, but I'm sort of glad to see the old weaselly Robbie back in action. He's a lot more entertaining than pious Robbie Camden. At first, Hugh Jass finds it hard to believe that Lucy doesn't want to see him, but eventually he leaves. When Lucy returns, Robbie tells her that Hugh left because "he wasn't having a very good time." Lucy looks crestfallen. I know I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help myself.

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