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Wilson calls Mary to bitch at her about not taking good enough care of him and Billy. And the dickhead is surprised when Mary hangs up on him? Wilson calls her back to snottily say, "I think we got disconnected." He's probably hoping to make her feel guilty for hanging up on him, but to her credit, Mary just repeats the experience for him. Wilson stares at the phone in shock. Since Wilson is so utterly mentally deficient, it falls to little Billy to be the voice of reason in this scene. He points out that his father has been asking Mary to do too many things for them lately. The Billys agree that this is not fair. Here's Wilson's reasoning: "It's not like we're married. It's not like she's your mom or my wife." You can see Wilson struggling to form a thought. I'm afraid that thought will turn into a marriage proposal eventually. You see, if they're married, Wilson thinks, he can totally ask her to do whatever he wants. Bonus!

RevCam's folding laundry in the CamKitchen when Annie comes in. She says she's finally ready to talk to him. He looks nervous. Annie tells him that Ruthie's school principal is planning to add a "morals" class to the school curriculum, and that she'd asked Annie to teach the course. Ugh -- on both counts. Annie says turning down that offer is what's made her so unhappy lately. Wait -- but I thought it was menopause. In any case, Annie decided to call Ruthie's principal back and accept the job offer, so now she's magically happy and normal again -- well, as normal or happy as she's ever been, I guess. Does this mean we're finally done with the menopause story arc? I hope so. I don't care if it's unrealistic for her to get over menopause so quickly; I just want that storyline to end. Annie explains that she likes to be around children, and that's why she's going to be teaching this class. She hasn't forgotten about the twins, has she? I think it's great for her to combine motherhood with a career; I'm just not sure I understand her reasoning for taking this particular job. Then again, if this is the excuse they're going to use to wrap up the whole menopause thing, I'll quit complaining. And how do they explain away all the fighting between the CamRents? It seems Annie has needed to talk to women more, or…something. I'm not sure. It doesn't really explain why she's been treating Eric so badly, but I supposed a half-assed explanation is better than nothing. Actually, it's probably more insulting than nothing, but I'm just trying to stay upbeat, since we're so close to the end of the episode.

Annie and RevCam are holding court in the CamBoudoir as each of the kids comes in to share stories about his or her day. Ruthie tells them about her essay. Simon says he's been promoted by Pete, though he doesn't have a job title -- or even a job description -- but it all has something to do with how Simon likes to work with numbers. Dopey drops a bombshell when he informs the CamRents that he wants to be a gynecologist. To his credit, at least Barry Watson seems to be playing this for laughs. Thank God! The idea of visiting a gynecologist who is afraid of condoms and can barely say the word "pregnant" is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. After Dopey leaves, Annie points out that they're "missing two kids." She and Eric talk about Lucy's and Robbie's alleged budding romance for long enough that you just know the next scene has to involve the alleged budding romance in question.

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