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Sure enough, Robbie confesses his feelings to Lucy. He says, "Tonight, when I saw you with another guy, I went crazy!" He has to clarify that a little further for Lucy to understand it, though. Eventually he gets around to trying to kiss her, and the look of horror on her face as she moves out of the way is pretty funny.

Down at the firehouse, Mary is picking up a very big hose. Wilson comes by to talk, but Mary brushes him off, apparently finding the large hose to be better company than Wilson. Wilson's apology -- "I've been foolish and selfish; I've been an idiot" -- could have been written by me, except I would have gone on for a while longer about all his other repulsive qualities. Wilson does say that he's been taking her for granted, but he offers to make it up to her by asking her to be his wife and Billy's mother. Then it will be okay if he yells at her for not picking up his dry cleaning, or for not reminding him to pay his electric bill. Then she has to buy bananas for Billy. He offers her a diamond ring. I don't get a real good look at it, but I'm sure a guy who's classy enough to wear diamond-y things on his ties sure would know a lot about picking out an engagement ring. Still, Mary does not exactly look thrilled by his proposal. Hey, who would be?

Next week, I assume we can look forward to Mary's answer, plus a lot more sighing from everyone.

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