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Male dominance, Simon cooking, and Ruthie playing football -- all in this complete breakfast!

We begin in the kitchen at Casa Camden, and apparently, it is "Thursday 7:30 AM." RevCam enters and announces that he has his first post-heart-attack counseling session today, and that he's "back." Annie is concerned and thinks it's "too soon." RevCam: "It makes me feel alive to be working again." Annie: "Just don't work too hard." RevCam: "Dammit, woman, if I've told you once, I've told you a million times! Get off my friggin' back, already!" Actually, that's only how you spell it. How it sounded was "Right. I don't want to feel too alive." Annie makes an oh-I-get-it face.

8:02 AM (not). We see Ruthie (ugh), Simon (ugh), The Dynamic Duo, and SuperMom heading out to the car. Mary asks SuperMom when the family is going to buy a new station wagon, and SuperMom tells her that when all the medical bills are paid, they will consider it. Matt comes up to SuperMom and says, "I'm glad I caught you. Could you stop by Shana's for me? I think something's up, but I don't know what. I think it's serious, but I don't know 'cause Shana's not talking." SuperMom: "Gee, could I? I'm not just gonna show up at Shana's door and try to weasel something out of her that she's chosen not to talk about." Matt: "I'm not stupid. I told her you'd hem this [skirt] for her and then drop it off." Matt tells her it needs to be done by "lunchtime" today because Shana has a big interview. Matt: "But she didn't say the 'with whom' part. Don't you wanna know the 'with whom' part?" SuperMom: "I wanna hem this skirt by lunchtime today less!" Yeah, word. What the hell, Matt? Get over yourself. Matt doesn't want to, and makes puppy-dog eyes at SuperMom, who then obliges, but only after telling Matt that he is a "bad, bad son. Don't you ever use that look on me again."

9:27 AM (what is this, The X-Files? Is the next scene going to be in the Pentagon or something?). Anycow, SuperMom is in the CaMobile, and she pulls up alongside a picket line that is protesting gender apartheid in Afghanistan. A covered Afghanistani woman startles her and gives her a pamphlet through the car window. Annie peruses the information thoughtfully for a second, and pulls out of where she had pulled up. In the picket line, we see a sign that reads "FREEDOM for ALL WOMEN," but we can't see the protester’s face. Slowly, the sign is lowered, and we see that it is held by a very somber Lucy. I can tell this episode is gonna be a tour de force. Minus that whole part about it being a tour de force. Forget this, I'm changing the channel. Oh, wait. I can't.

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