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Not. Dave Thomas, meet the Chronological Slap Machine.

And we're back. 6:13 PM. Sweet. We're in the babies' new room, where SuperMom is putting them down to sleep. RevCam enters, and Annie brings the pamphlet that the Afghanistani woman gave her to his attention. They discuss the Talaban, a fundamentalist Islamic group that has recently come to power over there. Annie, reading: "Women are dying because very few women are allowed to practice medicine, and women can't receive care from a male physician. They can be beaten in public for not wearing a traditional burka, and most women can't even afford one." RevCam, also reading: "If their feet are uncovered or their shoes make a noise, they can be beaten. [If] they leave the house without a close male relative [they can be beaten]. They can be beaten for laughing in public. And girls are banned from school." The AdultCams discuss their dismay for a moment, then put the babies to rest.

Chickenhead's place. She's trying to convince herself that her dad is a decent guy, and perhaps he can help her out a little with paying for school. Matt says something about false hope, Chickenhead protests, and Mr. Stupidhead has an aneurysm. Next.

7:06 PM. What's with the time? Where are they going with this? Eric and Annie are out on the porch. Annie paints as RevCam talks about how upset he feels about his counseling session earlier this afternoon. Annie suggests that perhaps The Rev should consider not marrying the couple if he disagrees with their union. The Rev agrees, and goes inside. At least I think that's what happens. I couldn't really hear the dialogue over the sound of MYSELF SNORING.

Simon is in Lucy's room, bitching yet again about his Home Ec class. Lucy doesn't seem to care (nor does Mr. Stupidhead, coincidentally), so Simon leaves in a huff as RevCam enters. Light banter ensues about Habitat For Humanity, and The Rev splits as Mary enters. Lucy: "What's the deal with Ruthie?" Mr. Stupidhead: "Word! She's adopted, right?" Mary: "Ruthie's playing football, not soccer." Damn! Apparently, Ruthie's nickname on the football field is "The Hammer," but Mary is worried that SuperMom won't like the idea of her little girl playing a contact sport. This is such a non-issue. Anyway, Mary "keep it a secret" blah "Mom'll have a fit" blah blah blah you get the picture.

The CamKitchen. Matt wants RevCam to do a background check on Chickenhead's dad, because he "just want[s] to know if him being back in the picture is a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, the guy abandoned her and left her with a crazy brother and an even crazier mother." Hmm. RevCam says he'll do what he can.

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