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8:47 AM. School-time! Woo-hoo! SuperMom is dropping Ruthie off at school. As Ruthie gets out of the car, SuperMom says: "Remember. Mouthguard in. Chin-strap tight. Tuck the ball close to your body." Ruthie: "Huh?" Shut up, Ruthie. SuperMom: "You are playing football, not soccer, right?" Ruthie: "Who blabbed?" Apparently, no one ratted Ruthie out. SuperMom, it seems, found some sort of telltale piece of paper in Ruthie's back pocket. I don't care about this nonsense.

Back at the CamPad, the doorbell rings and it's Jessica, who announces, "I've been doing a lot of thinking about what's going on. I can't marry Ryan." Duh. Welcome back, Jess. She continues: "At least, not until we come to a better understanding of what marriage is about. And I'm sorry if that upsets you, but that's just the way it is." Mrs. Tomlin and RevCam look indifferent, as does Mr. Stupidhead.

9:45 AM. Aw, come on. Enough already. SuperMom at the high, blowin' up Simon's SPOT, yo! Simon: "What're you doing here?" Yeah, good question. SuperMom feels bad because she blew Simon off last night, and she's arranged for him to transfer into wood shop. Simon is psyched, but then he remembers that his MOM is in SCHOOL with him! NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO! He tells her to get the hell out of his face, or he'll pop a cap in her ass. No, not really, but he is embarrassed by his mom, even though he himself is wearing a frilled apron. Whatever.

Chickenhead's shag-pad. Shana and Matt talk some more about Shana's dad. Mr. Stupidhead thinks, "I could go for a snack right now. Or maybe a frontal lobotomy."

Back to the picket line, where SuperMom has just pulled up in the CaMobile. She spots Lucy, who says, "This is the least we can do to raise awareness about this problem." SuperMom, highly affected: "Yes. It's the least we can do." They hug, I barf, and we all go to commercial.

3:41 PM. Oh, crikey. Annie is still marching on the picket line, and she's on the cell phone with RevCam, telling him that she's "hanging out" with the girls, and the "Camden Men" will have to fend for themselves for dinner. RevCam tells her it's not a problem, and they hang up. We stay with RevCam, who has his arms full o' babies. Simon and Matt enter. RevCam: "Well, well, well. Would you look at this? A meeting of the 'Camden Men' and only the Camden Men." Rev is taking care of the babies, Matt is on bathroom duty, and Simon is in charge of dinner. One, two, three...BREAK!

Mary is picking up Ruthie in the CaMobile 2: Electric Bugaloo. Ruthie has a black eye from playing football. Mr. Stupidhead smiles at this. Mary freaks. Chill, Mary. It is just Ruthie.

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