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Chickenhead's Love Shack. There's a knock on the door, and it's her dad. He tells her that he's proud of her, but that he has decided not to help her pay for school, because he had no one to help him out when he was in school, and he doesn't want her to lose her drive to succeed. He also hopes they can be friends, but Chickenhead ain't havin' it: "If you were any kind of dad, you'd know that I would never ask anyone for help if there were any way to avoid it. But you don't know because you aren't any kind of a dad. You never were, and you never will be." She tells him to leave, he does, and that's that. Thank God.

4:10 PM. Not. The picket line. Mary and Ruthie arrive, and Mom takes Ruthie's black eye surprisingly well. Ruthie wants to know what the picket line is all about, and as SuperMom begins to explain it to her, we jump to...

The CamKitchen, where the "Camden Men" are trying to prepare supper. The doorbell rings, and it's RyGuy, who says, "Thanks to you, Jessica's not going to marry me." RevCam: "Actually, you have your own ideas to thank." RyGuy: "I know what a wife is. A wife is a man's servant, just like man is God's Servant." RevCam: "So, men get to do what God tells him [sic], or what he thinks God tells him, and women get to do what men tell them?" RyGuy: "Something like that, yes." RevCam: "You suck." No, not really. RevCam brings Ryan into the house so that they can "talk." I hope that this "talk" involves RevCam slapping Ryan silly.

11:08 PM. Agh! The RevParents are in bed, cuddling. RevCam asks Annie if she would like to deliver the sermon on Sunday. Annie: "This means the WORLD to me. I love my life. I LOVE my LIFE!" Easy there, Annie. Who are you trying to convince?

10:30 AM. Annie delivers her sermon about Gender Apartheid In Afghanistan as screen shots of covered Afghanistani women flash onscreen.

That's it. That's the end. And I still don't know what the time was for. Whatever.

If you are at all interested in getting involved with the movement against Gender Apartheid in Afghanistan, you can call The Feminist Majority Foundation at 1-888-WEWOMEN or visit the website at http://www.feminist.org/. This PSA was brought to you by 7th Heaven and Mr. Stupidhead.

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