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What God Has Brought Together, Let No Chef Tear Asunder

Entrée time, giving the Blue Team a chance to redeem themselves. Or more accurately, it gives the Red Team a chance to sink back to their level, as David can't find the salmon that Sharone cooked up. Meanwhile, Joe hits the dining room floor to see what the guests think. The consensus seems to be that both teams prepared perfectly edible dishes, but that the Blue Team's entrées may be a tad better prepared. "You guys are amateur chefs," Gordon tells the eight remaining contestants. "Even as professional chefs, having a wedding to cook for 230 guests is a tall order. You guys pulled it off." We'll just overlook the fact that Graham and Gordon had to slam on the chicken brakes to keep things from going totally pear-shaped, then.

It's the next day, and we're back at the MasterChef kitchen, waiting for the judges to tell us who won the wedding challenge, and who faces elimination. Gordon says the decision could have gone either way, save for one small difference that propelled one team to victory. That one team would be the Red Team, and that one small thing would be David's attention to detail with the seasoning of his team's dishes. "You were the hero of that team," Gordon tells him. David is pleased -- the hair gel will be flowing fast and free at his house tonight!

And the Blue Team? They'll be facing a pressure challenge, in which they'll be making fresh pasta and a sauce to go with it. That sounds a heck of a lot more entertaining than half-an-hour of four people guessing ingredients. Anyhow, the sky's the limit on what kind of pasta they can make -- the only thing the judges want is for the sauce and pasta to come together. Oh, and by the way -- two of your sorry Blue Team asses will be going home. Look, we've got to clear on out of here before that twitchy Tim Roth returns and starts yelling at us to get out of his time slot. So let's start thinning the herd a bit.

The four contestants on the chopping block have 90 minutes to whip up a dish, so the judges are curious as to why Tracy is still working on her mirepoix when her competitors are hard at work on their pasta. "Curious," Joe calls it. Because the longer the resting time, the better the texture and the flavor of the pasta. Jake is using the blade of his dough scraper to shape his pasta and not the heat of his hands -- another move that the judges tsk-tsk. They surmise that Jake is very angry about facing elimination. A shot of him sharpening his knife and staring off into the middle distance seems to underscore that point.

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