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Quiet Before the Storm
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Previously: Jackie got sick, Silver got stuck with her. Teddy offered to bond over his own experiences with dead and/or dying mothers. AAdrianna crashed. Ivy crushed. Jen lied (what's new?). Annie smooched. Her new bf dealt drugs.

Harry finds Dixon in a comatose-like state playing a video game. He tells Dixon some good news: Dixon's back on the surf team. Naturally, Dixon looks this gift in the mouth. It's all a function of his guilt over the fake miscarriage and DJ Hottie's refusal to give him closure, per Debbie's instruction to get out and stay the hell out. Dixon is in the throes of an existential crisis, basically. And being a real bitch about it. As you do.

Downstairs, Harry pushes Debbie again to tell Dixon the truth about DJ Hottie making up the pregnancy. Debbie thinks it'll be worse if Dixon knows what happened and tells Harry to trust her until Dixon snaps out of his funk. Don't hold your breath, Debs.

Meanwhile, Silver feeds Jackie her health cocktail of pills and electrolytes before going over Jackie's nursing schedule for the next day. Jackie is amazed how organized Silver is. Silver says she's always been organized, and her description of all the things she's done to demonstrate this are lost on Jackie, who was bombed out of her mind on booze for pretty much all of Silver's youth. Yeah, these two have some bonding to do. Before it's too late.

The next day at West Bev, Naomi makes some gross innuendos about her BMOC boyfriend's cock, then asks whether she should accompany him and his throbbing member to a frat party at CU that weekend. She assumes no since it's Silver's half-birthday, but Silver says she doesn't plan on celebrating this year in light of her mom's illness. AAdrianna walks up looking pretty listless and dull, even though she claims she's doing better. She apologizes for being a mess and assures them she's okay. Silver heads off, leaving Naomi and AAdrianna to discuss her. Naomi's worried that Silver isn't up for celebrating, and AAdrianna agrees it would be a good way to take her mind off of Jackie for a bit. They decide to at least get her a gift -- a massage. Now that she's back on the pills, AAdrianna says she's a little low on cash. Naomi offers to cover it as long as AAdrianna picks up the gift certificate. She hands her a card and a wad of cash. This is going nowhere fast.

In the hallway, Liam finds Matthews to clear his name after Jen told Matthews he hit on her. He calls her a psychotic bitch, which I suspect isn't going to win any favor with her boyfriend. And I would be right. Matthews says he thinks Liam's dad is right: Liam is a bad seed. Matthews enters his classroom, and Liam stomps over to his locker. Ivy finds him there to brag about eating 11 packets of butter in a bet that morning. She senses his tension and follows him down the hall trying to talk about it with him. In short order, he snaps and tells her to back off. She's not his girlfriend. More weepy eyes from Ivy.

Down the hall, Teddy walks up as Naomi continues her campaign for Silver to have a half-birthday celebration. Her primary argument is that not having a party will deny Naomi the chance to wear a dress that gives her "lots of cleavage, excellent ass." As if that's a thing she pulls out for special occasions. Better reformulate that argument, home girl. Naomi runs off to meet BMOC, leaving Silver to explain to Teddy why she celebrates her half birthday. In short, Jackie fucked up a lot as a mom. Specifically, on Silver's tenth birthday, she got so wasted that Silver had to cancel a camping party she'd been anticipating for weeks. After that, Silver gave up on birthdays because there was too much expectation and inevitable disappointment. So celebrating her half-birthday guarantees that she doesn't get let down. Teddy speculates what he could get Silver for her half-birthday, including but not limited to a half-bikini, but Silver gets distracted when she sees AAdrianna giving them the stink eye.

In the Blaze room, Navid edits RuWill's footage on the piece about drug use at West Bev. Coincidentally, Kris Jr. chooses this time to confront Navid about telling Annie that Kris Jr. is a drug dealer. Navid won't reveal his sources, so he tells Navid to be as responsible a friend as he is a journalist and check out his sources. Kris Jr. lays down a thick sob story about having no friends and being subject to the rumors of kids who hate him. Navid, being a stand-up guy, falls for it and feels instant remorse. Bouncy credits.

Out in the quad, Annie finds Kris Jr., and they do the high school "I missed you!" -- "I missed you more!" thing. Kris Jr. tells her he showed his father the footage from his art school wannabe film, and his dad was impressed. The cherry on top is that he leveraged the positive response to get Annie an audition for a Shia LaBeouf movie. She is ecstatic, and they joke about what will happen when Annie becomes a big star.

Over in the caf, Ivy finds Dixon, Teddy, and Navid. She immediately asks them what's up with Liam. Teddy says he's been a snappy asshole lately, then gets distracted by Ivy's adventures scarfing down butter. As they patter back and forth about curly fries, tater tots, and the like, Ivy tries to keep on the topic of Liam. They're not too keen on talking it out with Liam. Turns out he's not a verbalizer. Shocking, I know. Ivy gives them a hard time for not being concerned enough about their friend's emotions. Because that's totally how guys are.

Outside, Silver and AAdrianna chat over lunch. Silver clears that air about her recent hanging out with Teddy. She assures AAdrianna they're just friends and have been bonding over their cancer-stricken mothers. She offers to sever the friendship if it's hurting AAdrianna, though. AAdrianna puts on a strong face and tells her it's fine. Then she goes into the bathroom and pops pills.

Later, Silver's at home tussling with the doctor over some records she needs to get for her mother. Teddy stops by to give her some assignments and a cup of coffee. He notices she seems frazzled, and she explains that she's overbooked, needing to stay at home for her mom and pick up some important medical records. Teddy offers to stay with Jackie while she drives to the doctor's office. She gratefully runs out the door.

Back at West Bev, Navid checks in with Dixon re: DJ Hottie. Dixon wishes he could properly apologize to DJ Hottie for not being there in her time of need. Navid spots Kris Jr. and says he, too, has some apologizing to do. He approaches, only to see Kris Jr. slide into AAdrianna's car and sell her drugs. And how does cash-strapped AAdrianna pay for these drugs? By stealing the money Naomi gave her for Silver's half-birthday present, of course.

Silver returns home to hear Jackie and Teddy giggling and having the time of their lives playing card games.

Over at AAdrianna's house, her cell phone rings, and she smiles widely at the caller. It's Navid. She starts to tell him how glad she is to hear from him, but he gets to the point: He saw her buying drugs. She throws it in his face that he shouldn't be calling since she's not his problem anymore. He tells her he still cares for her. She lies that he didn't see anything, then hangs up on him.

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