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Whores & Phony Show
now each other anymore. Good times!

Back at Silver's, Naomi complains about being alone in the world, save a horse. Silver reminds her that horse comes with 200 grand. She heads to the kitchen for a sugar-and-carb recon mission, and Naomi takes the chance to make an apology call. To Annie of all people.

Over at the hospital, Ivy doodles on Navid's cast and fills him in on their successful first stab at espionage. Liam is lost in his thoughts, so Ivy suggests they go get burgers. She puts on her shoes, which jogs Navid's memory of the shoes he saw while tumbling down the stairs. He realizes there's only one kid at West Bev who eschews flip flops in favor of steel-toed boots. He announces that he was pushed down the stairs, and he knows who did it. Cut to black.

Next week: Winter Wonderland dance. Avert your eyes, kids! Naomi may or may not have been "tanning her tatas" to go topless.

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