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Hula Hell Do You Think You Are?
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Previously: Lots of secret sex between Ausscar, Ivy and Ivy's MILF; Teddy and Ian; Debbie and Matthews, and hopefully between Silver and Navid by the midseason cliffhanger.

Navid wakes up on Silver's couch. He apologizes for barging in to her place and complaining all night about his personal dramas. She says it's okay but teases him that he passed out mid-sentence. They're both glad that he came over. A split-second after Silver puts a tentative hand on Navid's leg, his phone rings. It's AAdrianna, yammering about her adventures at Voyeur the night before. She says she has the morning free and offers to meet him at his house. He quickly covers that he's out running errands and offers to come to her house. After he hangs up, he and Silver agree that it's easier and much less complicated to ignore the fact that he spent the night at her place. Most of all for them. He slurps down the coffee she made for him and departs, leaving her scratching her head with a pained look on her face -- and not just because her perplexingly butch coiffure has resurfaced.

West Bev. Teddy finds Ian in the quad to thank him for the late night rescue mission at the gay bar. Teddy tells Ian he's confused, adding by means of compensation that he's been with a lot of girls -- A LOT! Ian shrugs an okay. Teddy asks him not to tell anyone what happened between them. It seems kind of a moot point given how many opportunities Ian has already had, but whatever keeps that closet nice and cozy for you, ace.

Out in the parking lot, Matthews crosses paths with Debbie, who's dropping off Dixon's college applications. They bond over the terrifying, Walken-like guidance counselor, and Matthews offers to drop off Dixon's paperwork for Debbie. She starts to walk off, but he stops her. They agree that the other night was surprising, crazy and fun. They establish the many strains of awkwardness running through a potential relationship between them. Namely that Matthews is a teacher to the kids and a friend to Harry. Debbie suggests they should consider their dalliance a one-off, and Matthews reluctantly agrees.

Inside, Silver helps Ian hang posters for a luau that weekend. As they walk down the hall, they awkwardly run into Teddy. Silver gets angry all over again for what a bigoted bastard Teddy was during the bachelor auction and apologizes on his behalf. Ian assures her that Teddy's not actually a bad guy. Without giving too much away, he tells her they spoke, Teddy apologized, and they're cool. "I know that's not who he really is," he says longingly.

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