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Hula Hell Do You Think You Are?

Casa Nueva. Debbie calls Harry's new place and is unhappily greeted by his new girlfriend. She does everything she can to get off the phone as quickly as possible, then bolts to the other room to ask the kids about her online dating profile. They log in and find she got 65 responses in the last day. Annie warns her that there will be some frogs in the mix, and they start to read the suitors' profiles. The first is an attorney with the heart of a poet... or, as it were, a greeting card writer, since he claims to enjoy "long walks on the beach." Nix! Dixon notes that the next possible is a doctor, but Debbie says a podiatrist isn't exactly what she had in mind. They settle on a foxy, bespectacled 45-year-old named David. Annie thinks Debbie should take the next step and ask him out for coffee. Debbie remains hesitant, but Annie has already sent the e-mail.

Over at MILF Manor, Naomi has arrived for her surfing lesson and is hoping Ivy has a wetsuit that shows a lot of cleavage. Ivy tries to teach Naomi the basics of surfing, but Naomi explains she was just using the surfing ruse as an ice breaker. She plans to paddle out with him and talk him to death out on the open water. Or, as she puts it, "win him over with [her] trademark charm." Ivy worries how Naomi will respond to an actual wave and thinks she might be better served to relocate their dinner to a nice restaurant. As Naomi dismisses that notion, the doorbell rings. Naomi says it's AAdrianna, whom she called in for a "surf style consultation." But it's not AAdrianna at the door. It's Ausscar, brooding and pouting in his deep V-neck T-shirt. Before Ivy can slam the door in his face, he begins a tirade about how MILF destroyed his life and how he thought revenge would make him feel better. He admits that it didn't and that Ivy didn't deserve the hurt he put her through. He says he would take it all back if he could. She reminds him that he can't and tells him to leave her alone. Inside, Naomi concedes that Ausscar's actions were deeply messed-up but vouches that he seemed sincere in his apology. Ivy says it's too late.

Over at AAdrianna's house, Navid sits by patiently as she fiddles around on her phone some more. She finally clicks out and asks if he wants to watch a movie. He says he needs to get home to his family, so she asks how things are going. He gets about 10 words out before her phone chimes again. She starts clicking away, all, "I'm listening!" He tells her angrily that he doesn't really want to go home but was making an excuse because he can barely stand being around her anymore. He calls her out for acting like a diva starlet and tells her it's making him sick.

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