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Hula Hell Do You Think You Are?

Surfing competition. AAdrianna is still on her phone as Naomi, Annie, and Silver ogle the surfers. AAdrianna tells the girls about her fight with Navid and that he called her selfish. Silver gives a half-assed, "Really?" AAdrianna admits Navid was right. She says she wouldn't know what to do with herself if she lost him and decides she must take action. Silver lets out another lackluster, "I hope it all works out." AAdrianna confirms she's oblivious as ever and asks Silver to help her figure out a way to get Navid back. Silver reluctantly agrees. Just then, Ivy rides a killer wave (or whatever surfers say), and Zach comes up to the girls. Naomi smirks, "She's just lucky I'm not out there," so Zach invites her to come paddle out with him.

Elsewhere, MILF forlornly watches Ivy receive her awards.

Over in the beach club, Debbie's date drones on about how he's in relentless, excruciating pain because what better to talk about on a first date? Though not entirely untrue of online dating, from what I hear. Debbie spots Matthews enter the club just as the guy is making an innuendo-laden offer to "check out [her] spinal column." Debbie politely says, "Maybe later," which he lasciviously takes as a hopeful sign.

Out on the ocean, Naomi is struggling to paddle out like she saw the girls in Blue Crush do. She tries to distract him from the waves with small talk, but he has his eyes on a sweet set coming in. He turns around and start paddling to catch the first wave, leaving her to get clocked in the face with her board. Back on the beach, he puts a bandage on her nose as she bitches about the ankle straps surfers wear. He explains with some frustration that those straps are to keep your board with you and also keep it from hurting other surfers. He finally notices (took long enough) that she's not really a surfer. She tries to spin it so that he's proud of being a big, strong hero, but he's irritated that she put them both in danger. She says, "Come on, it's not that bad. I don't even have to call my plastic surgeon." And that, my friends, is what we call the nail in the coffin.

Inside, Debbie tries to wrap up her date before dessert, but dimwitted David orders the chocolate soufflé. Debbie spots Matthews and excuses herself to the ladies room. She makes a point to bump into him and casually drop that her Internet date is going nowhere fast. Matthews confesses that he's not sorry to hear as much. They collapse into each and take their make-out session into the nearest room.

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