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Hula Hell Do You Think You Are?

Back on the beach, Silver revels that she won the limbo contest. Her face drops when she gets a thank-you text from AAdrianna. She admits she doesn't feel "hot" at that moment. Teddy begs to differ, saying she won the limbo contest because the guy in charge wanted to get more glimpses of her cleavage. She laughs and tells him she's glad they're friends again. They both acknowledge they missed one another. In a moment of desperation, Silver goes in for a kiss, but it's immediately clear that Teddy's not into it. She asks if he's into someone else now, and he admits for the first time out loud (and perhaps to himself) that he is.

Meanwhile, Ivy has oysters by herself and makes a long-time-coming call to her dad.

Beach club bar. Ausscar bellies up to the bar next to Naomi and apologizes for interrupting her time with Ivy the day before. He confesses that what he did to Ivy was the worst thing he's ever done. He asks how she's feeling, and she says "not great." He acknowledges he doesn't know all the details but knows that Cannon did something truly horrible. She says she just wants to rip off the bandage and have everything to be better, normal again. He says unfortunately there's no quick fix sometimes and that the metaphorical bandage will fall off in due time. Besides, he says tapping the actual bandage on her nose, she looks pretty cute a little banged up. She snarks that it's hard to be so pretty and unhappy. He quips back, "Who wants to be ugly and happy anyway?" Which I think is pretty much the thesis statement of the whole show, slash much of America these days. Witness Bridalplasty. She says she's feeling peckish, so he orders some guacamole and offers his company for the evening.

Back outside, Teddy offers to help Ian clear up the decorations. They take some Tiki torches into a shed, and Teddy springs on him like a rabid hyena. Ian kisses him back a bit before they step back and look at each other with wondering eyes.

Elsewhere, Dax and his friend find Liam as he walks to his car. Dax tells Liam to stay away from "his girl." Liam acts all tough-guy and tells Dax Loony Laura's not his girl anymore. He turns around, giving Dax the chance to sucker-punch him in the kidney. Liam pops up and gets several good punches in at both guys. Eventually he falls. They punch and kick the toughness right out of him and walk away laughing.

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