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Hell to the Na'vi

Elsewhere, AAdrianna strides in as Silver and Naomi change for gym class to announce she's found out who cheated with Navid. She points squarely in Silver's direction, but Naomi assumes she's pointing past Silver, looks back, and sees Lilah, the Blaze staffer and one-time girlfriend of Navid for five seconds who's been conveniencidentally resurrected. AAdrianna gives Silver plenty of time to come clean, then ratchets up the stakes by vowing to make Lilah's life Hell. Silver argues against this plan, saying AAdrianna has no proof and adding that Lilah's a nice person. Of course, without a confession, AAdrianna will not reveal that she knows the true culprit, and Operation: Level Lilah will continue until Silver crumbles under the guilt. Credits.

Out in the hall, Emily saunters up to Liam to ask why he's been avoiding her. He tells her she took him by surprise the other night when she propositioned him like a two-dollar ho. She concedes it was inappropriate, but excuses herself for being carried away by her emotions after Annie attacked her like a rabid squirrel monkey. She sweetly promises never to come on to Liam again. He smiles that he was flattered but has a lot going on in his head right now since Annie went off the reservation. He tells her he needs time to figure things out. She strokes his arm and purrs that she's always available to talk. Well that was the world's shortest-lived promise. He tells her thanks and walks away. She watches from behind, pressing herself up against his locker like she's about to orgasm just from being in his gravitational field. You'd swear she actually thinks she's Blanche DuBois, never mind the fact that Blanche was a nutter and kind of a whore. Hell, maybe she is Blanche DuBois. Who else is so lamely manipulative, desperately sexual, and utterly deluded? Oh wait, I just described 80% of the characters on this show.

Speaking of, we join poor Max in the library as Naomi arrives in a sexy schoolgirl outfit and proclaims, "Time to get my math on!" She puts on prop glasses, slaps down a ruler, and pretends to drop something so she can bend over and give Max a prime view of her goods. Annie interrupts to announce that the apocalypse must be approaching if Naomi's in the library. Naomi gets flustered and lies that she was trying to get one of the resident dorks to do her homework. She scuttles Annie out as quickly as possible, giving a pained look at Max along the way.

Over in the cafeteria, Navid tells Dixon that a high-profile plastic surgeon is interested in filming his commercials at Shirazi Studios. While Navid attends to business, he'll need a guy like Dixon to schmooze potential clients. Since Dixon needs to start earning money for college, it's a win-win. Dixon tells Navid, "Thanks, boss." Navid blows it off: "Please... call me Mr. Shirazi." Oh, this is going to end poorly.

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