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Hell to the Na'vi

Elsewhere, Ivy's new stoner boyfriend Raj picks her up outside West Bev to take her to the skate park. She envies his free days as a college student, which supposedly involve watching the sun rise, bicycling to Malibu, and swimming with dolphins. Or just smoking a lot of ganja and imagining he did all that stuff, I'm guessing.

La Casa Nueva. Emily is doing her homework in the living room when Annie and Liam barrel into the kitchen mid-fight. Liam says he wants to take some time off. Annie's face crumbles, Emily's lights up.

Back at West Bev, Max enters the science lab in response to a "Science emergency" text from Naomi. She claims her problem is of the biological nature, then peels off her Burberry trench to reveal only her skivvies underneath. Max picks his chin up off the floor and quickly stammers that he's late for debate club. He tries to leave, but Naomi slams the door in front of him. She claims The Flasher is her very own Bend & Snap and, as such, works every time. When Max still insists he's not attracted to her, she asks if he's gay, which is apparently quite trendy in the wake of Teddy's coming out. Max says he's not gay. She is incredulous. Everyone is attracted to her! Max admits he finds her physically attractive, but tells her that it's just the shell surrounding all of her other wildly unattractive qualities, like how she's a shallow, stuck-up slob. Naomi calls Max harsh, but he thinks she's ridiculous to believe that he'll be into her simply because she's into him.

Gratuitous skater shots starring Fake Ivy and Fake Raj. I continue to wait for her to fall on her head. I continue to be disappointed. After the skating, Ivy lights up. Raj thinks she's been smoking a lot lately and adds that's saying a lot coming from a Grade-A stoner like him. She invites him to a skate park in Laguna the next week. He thinks she shouldn't skip class, but she's mellow and doesn't give a flip. He wonders if he's a bad influence on her, but she thinks his "Seize the day" attitude is the best thing that's ever happened to her. They go back to fake skating.

Clarkette Compound. Naomi scours Facebook for clues into Max's heart while Silver writes a paper on female enfranchisement. Naomi thinks women have to work a lot harder these days, what with waxing and other entrapments. Silver snarks, "I'll see if I can work that into my paper." On the way to the kitchen, Silver notices Naomi looking at Max's profile, so Naomi lies that she looks at losers' profiles to boost her own self-esteem. She points to a plan to dress up in costume for an Avatar screening as evidence of how lame they are. Silver says she once dressed up as Princess Leia, and Naomi's ears poke up. She asks if the boys liked it. Silver says she was 10 years old, so everyone liked it.

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