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Hell to the Na'vi

Meanwhile, Emily finds Liam fixing up his car at a garage. She tells him she overheard his fight with Annie and invites him to dinner to "get his mind off things." She positions herself as a shoulder for him to cry on, and he takes her up on the offer. "It's a date," she chirps ominously.

Shirazi Place. Dixon walks into Navid's office as Navid makes a dinner date with the potential plastic surgeon client. The chums discuss how important appearances will be for this meeting, so Navid commissions Dixon to get the Ferrari detailed.

Casa Nueva. Emily primps for her date with Liam as Annie invites her to join the rest of the family at a movie that night. Annie says she wants to call a truce and get her life back. Emily grudgingly okays this plan but gives her regrets for the family movie date because she has "other plans" (sexually assaulting Liam, for example). Annie tells Emily the fam is grabbing dinner after the movie and will be home late. She tells Emily to have fun. Emily replies flatly, "I will."

Meanwhile, Dixon parks the Ferrari at the detailing place. He admires another car adjacent to Navid's and looks back to discover Snoop Dogg waiting for his ride. Because Navid has someone to do menial tasks like these, but super-rich, famous rappers totally prefer to take time out of their days to do this crap themselves. Dixon and Snoop chat about their mutual love of sports cars, and they hit it off fairly well until Dixon starts having some sort of epileptic fit during which he cannot control himself from rapping "Gin & Juice." Oh, if only he had started crooning the Gourds' version. I think Snoop might have actually gotten a laugh out of that one. Despite Dixon's embarrassing display fanboy gushing, Snoop invites Dixon to ride with him and listen to his new single. Dixon's all, "For real?" And Snoops hits him back, "I'm only saying it once, homebizzle."

Downtown, Neytiri Naomi struts into the screening of Avatar and discovers that she's the only one who showed up in costume. All the geeks laugh at her heartily, including Max's friends, who scornfully admit that their Facebook page posts were just an elaborate joke. They make all sorts of jokes about unobtainium and mock Naomi's choice to wear gladiator sandals on Pandora. So passé! Naomi turns around and staggers out in defeat. Max follows behind to help her out, and she takes him to task for the fact that his friends are just as arrogant and snobbish as hers. Point made, she resumes her dramatic exit when, alas! Her tail gets stuck in the door.

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