Blue Naomi

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Hell to the Na'vi

Snoop and Dixon cruise down the PCH, bobbing their heads to Snoop's new single. All the while, Navid is frantically calling Dixon to get his car back before his dinner meeting.

Back downtown, Max runs after Naomi to apologize. He can't believe she took a swan dive into a vat of blue paint and came to a sci-fi festival to impress him. He's flattered and says he misjudged her. He tells her she makes a smokin' hot alien, and she revels in the fact that he finally admitted he was attracted to her. She returns to coy Naomi, and he immediately backs off again. She calls out to him and lays her cards on the table. She confesses that she went this far because she actually likes him for his humor, intelligence, confidence, and nerdy hotness. He grabs her by the Na'vi tail, pulls him into her, and they make out furiously. He comes up for air, saying they need to keep their little cross-clique tryst on the DL because it could really hurt his reputation. She agrees entirely, and they resume "seeing" each other. In public. In broad daylight. Yeah, these two are real strategic masterminds. At least wipe the blue off of your face before going back into the theater, Max.

MILF Manor. Ivy returns home with Raj to find a concerned message from Matthews to MILF on their answering machine. She doesn't bat an eyelash before erasing it. Raj thinks she's gone too far and is wrecking her life by skipping school and smoking pot all day. She calls him a hypocrite for doing exactly what she's doing and thinking it's fine because he's in college. He storms out.

That night, Navid drives his plastic surgeon client around town and gives him the hard sell for Shirazi Studios. Eventually, the camera pans out to show that Navid is driving around in the crap wagon. The plastic surgeon squirms uncomfortably as he grabs a handful of sunflower seeds out from under his ass and puts them in the ashtray. First impression fail.

Liam walks Emily back to the door of La Casa Nueva. She coyly invites him inside, promising that Annie and the rest of the family won't be inside. He comments that she's not as innocent as people think and that he likes her edge. He keeps going, telling her she's not the country bumpkin that Silver, AAdrianna, and Naomi have pegged her to be. Riled up by these comments, she walks into the dark house and verbally goes down her shit list, calling Naomi ugly, Silver a loud-mouth know-it-all, and AAdrianna dumb as a bag of hammers. As she reaches the living room, Annie turns on the lights and says with no small amount of satisfaction, "Surprise!" Taking Silver's advice, Annie planned a birthday party for Emily and invited all her so-called friends. Who have now heard the Scuzzin's tirade. Liam walks over to Annie and drapes his arm over her shoulder as he admits that he was more than happy to take part in this set-up. While AAdrianna and Silver -- who clearly have no self-awareness -- look on at the deceit with disgust, Naomi can appreciate a good subterfuge, so she joins Annie and Liam as they smile smugly. Naomi clacks past Emily, saying, "Your life at West Bev is over."

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