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Hell to the Na'vi

Shirazi Place. Dixon returns with his head in the clouds while Navid is wallowing. Dixon apologizes for returning late with Navid's car and tries to tell Navid some great news. Navid shuts him down, yelling he's the boss and that Dixon has to do what he says from now on if he wants to keep his job. After Navid's wraps up his rampage, Dixon tells Navid that Snoop Dogg is going to shoot his video at Shirazi Studios the next. He tosses the Ferrari keys back at Navid and spits, "And your car is clean... boss."

La Casa Nueva. Emily finishes packing up her stuff. Debbie thinks it's an abrupt departure, but Emily claims it's good timing now that the play has closed. Barely concealing her rage, she lies that living with her grandmother in Arkansas will be "a better situation." Debbie says it's a shame, and Annie echoes her words with thinly veiled self-satisfaction. Now git, Em'lee! Time to do some firsthand research for Winter's Bone 2!

The next day, Naomi and her posse pass Max and his geek squad as they walk through the halls. Each gives the other a passing glance and acknowledges what sexed-up bad asses they are.

Come lunch time, Ivy catches up with Raj at the skate park to ask what went wrong between them the other day. He claims he doesn't want to be responsible for messing up her life. She insists he makes it better with his joy and free spirit. He tells her it's not as simple as she thinks, telling her that he smokes pot to ease his pain post-chemo. He tells her he has leukemia, which is also why he lives with his parents. She tries to see the silver lining, asking if everything will be better after he finishes treatment. He says no, he's got three or four years tops to live. All Ivy can do is sit there, taking it all in silently.

Back at West Bev, Silver joins AAdrianna for lunch. AAdrianna rails on Emily for being a two-faced phony. Silver joins in on the righteous indignation until AAdrianna segues to Lilah, also a supposedly two-faced phony. She shows Silver a naked locker room picture of Lilah that she plans to e-mail to all of West Bev in retribution for Lilah's cheating. AAdrianna revels in the humiliation Lilah will face, predicting gleefully that she might even drop out of school. Silver tries to dissuade AAdrianna, but AAdrianna thinks Lilah deserves it for being AAdrianna's friend -- that she never talked to since they were in a band together for three minutes, during which AAdrianna stole Navid from Lilah. But that's not the point. The point is that AAdrianna wants Silver to save Lilah by admitting that she (Silver) was the one who cheated with Navid. And so Silver finally does. Then AAdrianna sends the e-mail anyway. Silver can't believe what a vindictive hag AAdrianna is. Then AAdrianna tells Silver to check her phone. Silver pulls up the e-mail, and it's a naked locker room picture of her -- not one of Lilah. Suddenly, every phone at school begins dinging, and Silver lies alone in the bed that she made for herself. Probably thinking, "Did they really just put me in a hybrid between a recycled Annie plot and an SVU episode? Why me, God? Why?????!!!!!!!"

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