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Hell to the Na'vi
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Previously: Scuzzin' Emily slowly but surely insinuated her Single White Female self into Annie's life and succeeded in pushing Annie over the edge, Lifetime movie styles. Ivy joined the cast of Reefer Madness. And AAdrianna set her sights on the Girl with the Hurl Earring, a.k.a. that cheating bitch, Silver.

We open with a scene from The Importance of Being Earnest starring Scuzzin' Emily in a bit of ironic casting. Emily takes her bow, and the ladies of West Bev meet her backstage. Only after Naomi switches the bouquet they bought Emily for a bigger one, of course. I sort of suspect that Emily bought all these flowers for herself. Anyone with me? At any rate, while they're waiting for Emily, Silver giggles when she gets a text from Navid telling her to get her "sweet ass" over to where he is. AAdrianna eyes her suspiciously and asks if she can borrow Silver's phone for a minute. Silver lies that her battery just died. Too bad! Emily comes squealing into the room. They all shower her with praise, and Naomi takes the occasion to fib that she convinced Silver that the flowers they "bought" for Emily weren't too showy. As they chat about Emily's Broadway aspirations, her co-star comes into the room to congratulate Emily on a great show. The minute she leaves the room, Emily slams the door and bitches that she's always stepping on her lines. The girls wonder at this new side of Emily but brush it off as they make plans for the night.

The next morning, Naomi invites Silver over to study, i.e. dance around and eat cookies before Naomi copies Silver's homework. As they talk, Naomi and nerdy Max pass each other awkwardly. They run into Annie, who has come back from her three-day suspension with her tail between her legs. They make awkward conversation until Annie admits that she's humiliated that she acted so crazy. They half-heartedly comfort her, and Annie says she's learned her lesson and wants to put the recent ugliness behind her. Silver optimistically suggests that Annie could plan a birthday party for Emily as a means of burying the hatchet. Annie is keen on this idea, so all is once again right in their shallow little world.

Meanwhile, the specter of Matthews has returned to force the children to write sonnets and read them to one another. Ol' saucer eyes Ivy loopily giggles at the dragon she's drawn on her paper, catching Matthews' attention. Just as she begins her def poetry jam, we're saved by the bell. Matthews intercepts her scurrying out and asks why she hasn't turned in her Chaucer paper that was due a week before. She promises to get it to him, plus the sonnet the she was supposed to write in class. Don't hold your breath, Matthews. Human hot boxes are no good.

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