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Taking the Plunge
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Previously: Silver + Teddy = not meant to be. Dixon + bio-mom = major tension. Debbie + yoga instructor = sexy times? Jasper + motor vehicles = grand theft auto. AAdrianna + RuWill = a layover in Gayville.

It's morning at West Bev, and Naomi and Liam are going at it like animals, forcing everyone to lose their breakfasts and one unfortunate to lose his parking spot temporarily. Elsewhere, Jasper is trying to convince Annie that larceny = love. She tells him to leave her alone already. Silver and Naomi skitter late into the Blaze meeting as Navid introduces their new faculty advisor, Mr. Cannon -- guess they gotta even out the numbers since Matthews and Kelly are MIA, and Harry will be leaving soon. Like every other journalist who's not digging himself into an early grave on the freelance circuit, Mr. Cannon has resigned himself to the sad reality that he needs a "real" job to pay the bills, so here he is bullshitting (albeit with a sexy accent) about digging deeper and telling the truth. Naomi jumps in to bitch that Navid edited all the "hard hitting" blind items out of her segments. Navid and Cannon agree that the grapevine and Gretchen Wieners' burn book are not credible sources (P.S. I know it was Regina's, I just wanted to type the word Wieners, teehee). Naomi won't shut up, despite Silver's urging, so Cannon offers to critique it with his "very high standards." Naomi brats that his standards can't be that high, or he wouldn't be working this shitty gig. Fair point. I mean, consider the company (Matthews!). So much for first impressions! Cannon shuts her down faster than a rural titty bar at 2 a.m.

Later, out in the hall, Naomi compares Cannon to Big Brother, saying it's like 1984 all over again. AAdrianna makes a crack that she looks awful in shoulder pads and a perm. Naomi wants Silver to wallow with her, but Silver's distracted when she sees Teddy. She walks up and asks if he wants to have lunch. He blows her off, and she worries that he's still mad at her for spying. Naomi tells her to be direct with him so she doesn't have to freak out every time he doesn't respond how she wants. She asks AAdrianna to back her up, but AAdrianna, too, has been distracted. This time by RuWill. She makes an excuse to get rid of Silver and Naomi so she can run the other way. Not ready to dip her toes in the warm waters surrounding the Isle of Lesbos yet, I see.

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