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Boatloads of Trouble

Back at La Casa Nueva, Liam offers one last time to accompany Annie inside for her big reveal. She insists she has to do it alone. He says he's enjoying his last night of freedom on his boat, so she knows where to find him. They hug and look at each other yearningly as she heads in the house. She gets to the kitchen, where Harry and Debbie are sitting across the table from each other and fiddling with their now-meaningless wedding rings. She says she has something to tell them...

Cut to Liam returning to the docks. As he starts down the ramp, he notices flames in the distance. The blaze envelops his boat as he hurries closer. He stops dead in his tracks when he spots a crutch-dependent Jasper hobbling back onto the dock from a dinghy. Liam flies at him headlong, pummeling the prick bloody as sirens wail in the background. He lands a few more punches as the police arrive. On the upside, maybe he'll get to go to jail of his own accord and avoid the whole stepdad confession altogether!

And finally, we return to West Bev. Cannon shows Naomi a documentary he produced. In the clip he's chosen, he ominously narrates, "But no animal is as brutal as the homo sapien." Naomi tells him she's impressed by his talent. He grabs her hands and stares at her like a puppy dog (albeit it a fairly rape-y puppy dog). She gets visibly awkward. He asks if she minds him holding her hand. She claims she doesn't but tries to stay on neutral topics, finally saying maybe it's time to call AAA.

He cuts her off with a kiss. She pushes him away. He tells her she doesn't have to feel guilty for wanting him to kiss her. She makes clear that she doesn't want him to kiss her, but he says he sees how she looks at him and teases him. He thinks her harassment accusation was a fantasy, and he's more than happy to make it a reality. He comes at her again, and she pushes him off again. He slaps her. His face turns mean. He lunges at her once more and grabs her from behind as she tries to run away. She threatens to tell someone if he goes through with this. He reminds her that he has the upper-hand here, and her credibility is shot. He strokes her hair, breathing down her neck, and growls, "Who's going to believe you? You are the girl who cried wolf." She lets that grim reality sink in as the camera pans outside to show the West Bev sign -- and all those that it represents -- being overtaken by flames.

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