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Sisters Are Doing It for Themselves
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Previously: The Great Teddy Mindfuck of '09 became The Great Silver Mindfuck of '10. Naomi and Liam lost their emotional connection (which is kind of a laughable concept to begin with). Annie wished she knew how to quit Jasper. And Jasper pulled a switcheroo on wannabe-narc Navid, getting Navid busted for drug possession.

Naomi has taken Silver and AAdrianna shopping to soothe their stress about Navid's incarceration, but AAdrianna is still freaking out because she knows Navid was framed. They run into Annie at a sidewalk café and invite her along to help Naomi find the perfect LGD (Little Gold Dress). Just as Annie says she wishes she could come, Jasper emerges from inside the restaurant, all bug-eyed and spindly. Of course, that's his normal look, but isn't it just right considering he's a tweaked-out drug dealer? The girls take their clue that Annie won't be joining and make themselves scarce. Jasper acts all mopey that Annie's not his little Stepford Ho. She snaps that she's here, what else does he want? He says he wants things to go back to the way they were and invites her back to his house to hang out. She gives him the cold shoulder, and he slams his fist down on the table as he whines about her attitude. By "attitude" do you mean resistance to blackmail-induced sex? You do? Okay, just as long as we're on the same page. He reminds her what's at stake. Her lip crumples, and she reluctantly agrees to go with him.

West Bev. Dixon approaches Silver, Teddy fast on his heels. She completely ignores Teddy, who seems to have disappeared and chirps that she wants to get back together. They make out. And in case you couldn't tell, this is a dream. He heads downstairs for breakfast like he owns the world. The family makes fun of his aggressive cologne, but he can't be bothered. He tells them he's finally worked something out. Debbie thinks it's about his birth mother, but Dixon says she hasn't gotten back in touch. He lets it slide off his shoulder, saying she'll be in touch when she wants to.

Now at West Bev for real this time, he approaches Silver just as he did in the dream. She says exactly what she did in the dream... until the getting back together part. Instead, she says she wants them to be friends and assures him it has nothing to do with Teddy. She bluntly tells him she doesn't have feelings for him anymore, but she does like having him back in her life. He takes it begrudgingly, and they go their separate ways.

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