Hello, Goodbye, Amen

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Previously: Harry's bastard son Sean showed up with some fancy designs for taking over Casa Wilson. Designs also flitted about in the head of a cheerleader shaking her pompoms all up in Dixon's face. Annie and Naomi continued to hate each other, while Navid and AAdrianna stumbled into puppy love, sex not included. Then there are these other people named Brenda and Kelly. They look vaguely familiar but the lack of scrunchies and acid-washed jeans is somehow making it really hard for me to give a damn about them. Also, just for the record, it's been so long since an episode aired that I don't even remember some characters' names.

We open in the halls of West Bev, where Annie and Ethan walk and flirt, talking about their winter breaks. Naomi interrupts to recount many thrilling tales in which she forced Sean to act brotherly toward her. She couldn't be more transparent in her attempt to make Annie feel bad about not being included in said plans. It's pathetic, even by Naomi standards. The Perma Donna finally stoops low enough to insinuate that Sean doesn't want to hang out with Annie. Annie takes the bait, sharply reminding Naomi that Sean chose to stay at Casa Wilson all those eons ago. Ethan calls the point for Annie, and they leave Naomi to stew.

Annie parts ways with Ethan and finds AAdrianna in mid-brood because she can't locate one of her rehab friends. They head to class, wherein MADtv's Debra Wilson lectures on perception and intuition. What? There's actual learning (albeit it wishy-washy nonsense, plot-driving bullshit) on this show? Who knew?

Downtown, a token Indian doctor gives Brenda grim news. She admits that she has no nearby family or friends to support her during the coming rough times.

Back at West Bev, Rah Rah Sista Boom Bah flirts with Dixon, handing him a CD of one of her recording exec dad's new bands. During this exchange, she even calls him "D." Are we suddenly at Constance Billard/St. Jude? Silver interrupts them, making it clear that she has no interest in befriending Rah Rah. Awkward. Rah Rah leaves, and Silver can barely wait five seconds to make fun of her by calling Dixon "D." She calls Rah Rah out for hitting on her man, then issues a tart goodbye before heading to class.

Over in PrinciPAL Harry's office, Annie runs into Sean on the way to his and Harry's father-son surfing date. More awkwardness, different place. Then Naomi prances in, gives Sean a big, creepy kiss on the cheek, and rubs it in Annie's face that she is going surfing with the boys. Sean invites Annie to come along, but she passes and escapes the brotherly love as quickly as possible.

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