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AAdrianna skulks into Kelly's office to ask for Brenda's contact info so she can invite Brenda to a rehab support day. She would rather have Brenda than there her own mother, in fact. Granted, DinaLite would probably bring head shots and vials of coke, so it's understandable. Kelly balks at contacting Brenda because the inevitable Matthews drama will resurface, but, seeing AAdrianna's moon-shaped, fiend-orable face, she thinks better of it and offers to help.

That afternoon, the Wilsons play Pictionary. Tabitha is terrible. In her world, everything is a sock. I suspect the writers had more tawdry ideas for what Tabby sees in the pictures, but prime time censors required them to change it. But I digress... Tabby's up and furiously drawing when Sean gets a call and has to step out. The rest of the gang fights over Tabby's incomprehensible sketch, and eventually Debbie tosses the timer. When Annie steps outside to retrieve it, she overhears Sean carrying on a tense conversation about money. He angrily slams the phone shut, and Annie approaches him to ask what's going on. Credits.

When we return, Sean anxiously tells everyone that his father was a good-for-nothing gambler. And also kind of an idiot apparently, because he killed himself to pay off his debts despite the fact that most insurance obviously would never cover suicide. As a result Sean claims to be up to his ears in debt. Harry immediately offers to help. Then Sean tells them that his father owed 200 grand. He puts on a brave face, suggesting they resume their game of Pictionary. Because nothing says "Family Game Night" like loan sharks and imminent broken legs.

Later, Sean catches Annie as she walks past his room. They live up to their roles. He's overly gentlemanly and self-effacing about his wretched lot in life. She's faux-apologetic for getting in his business and way too enthusiastically offloading her findings on Harry. The bullshit parade carries on until Sean's phone rings. She hands it to him, but he refuses to answer it before not-so-subtly bidding her goodnight (read: "Please leave now.") She exits confusedly, and he keeps an eye on her until it's safe, then shadily checks the phone.

Elsewhere, Tabby pours out some "iced tea" as she, Harry, and Debbie discuss how to help Sean. Tabby admits she's taken a beating in the market and says she's considering going back into acting. She muses over her "calling," then floats away drunkenly. Harry tries to talk Debbie into dipping into their savings or the kids' college fund to help his son. Smartly, she's not too keen on this idea. Backed into a corner, Debbie suggests they bring in the sage fiscal advice of Crazy Eyes. She is practically the Suze Orman of Beverly Hills after all. Harry goes for it and leaves Debbie heaving sighs behind him.

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