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That afternoon, Kelly accompanies AAdrianna to her support event. They unexpectedly find Brenda, and she apologizes for being late. "Traffic's a bitch," snarks Kelly. Needless to say, the subtext is not lost on Brenda. AAdrianna obliviously chatters about her missing friend Hank. A woman who doesn't look like she could ever have been an addict -- more like an elementary school art teacher, though I know the categories aren't mutually exclusive -- begins the session. AAdrianna gives her testimonial, looking pretty radiant, I must say. She expresses thanks to those who believed in her, shooting meaningful looks at Kelly and Brenda. I really wish Navid were there instead of these dead weight hussies... Then Brenda delivers an encouraging speech in which she calls AAdrianna a friend (practically her only one, it should be noted). Kelly looks angsty as Brenda and AAdrianna hug to sobriety and loneliness. Woohoo!

Over at West Bev, Naomi and her Bitch Posse interrupt Annie and Ethan's cute couple-y banter to show off some overly touchy-feely pictures of her and Sean. Seriously, they're practically slathering each other with whipped cream. It's totally inappropriate. Neither Annie nor Ethan could care less. As Naomi continues to pretend that she has friends, Annie flashes back on all of the strange episodes she's had with Sean, putting them all together in light of her psych teacher's lesson on intuition. She makes a break for it, leaving Ethan to continue ignoring Naomi and Co.

Annie makes it home in record time and cracks open up this can of worms with Debbie. She stars shakily, rambling frantically about how she doesn't like Sean, even though everyone else does. She eventually slows down enough to make it clear that she thinks there's something off about Sean, though she has no proof. Debbie agrees and says she's been blaming it on her semi-jealousy of Crazy Eyes. Now that Annie has brought it up, she acknowledges that something is fishy. "So, what do we do?" asks Annie. Commercials.

When we return, Kelly and Brenda reconvene after the support group. Brenda admits that she needs Kelly's and starts to tell Kelly something... but AAdrianna interrupts to introduce them to her sponsor, the aforementioned elementary art teacher. AAdrianna mentions that she wanted to introduce them to Hank, too, and the sponsor has to break it to her that Hank relapsed when he tested positive for HIV. AAdrianna takes this news particularly hard because she slept with Hank several times. Brenda and Kelly offer to take her to get tested.

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