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It's happier times at the gospel barbecue, where Rah Rah continues Blackifying Dixon and confirms that, yes, Kobe Bryant is there. Dixon half-jokes that he didn't know L.A. had so many Black people. Rah Rah's father approaches, happy to finally meet Dixon. They discuss music, and Dixon reveals that he enjoys singing. Father Rah Rah encourages him to pursue his (heretofore unmentioned) passion, then scoots off to have a powwow with Dr. Dre.

Back at Casa Wilson, Harry comes home and excitedly tells Debbie he's found a way to get a second mortgage on the house. Three cheers for life-long debt! Debbie tells him that she went to see the P.I. that located Sean. She apologizes for going behind his back, especially because she came up with nothing. Still, she thinks Sean's timing is suspect. Harry insists on Sean's innocence. Debbie mentions that Annie doesn't trust Sean either, and Harry pawns it off to her being a bratty teenager (which, while technically true, is not applicable this one time). He also notes that the same thing happened with Dixon, which is an entirely different situation and, frankly, a pretty low blow. Say it with me now, people, "Shut up, Harry!" He insists that he owes this kindness to Sean, so Debbie points out that he shouldn't sacrifice the kids' futures in order to pay off his guilt. Harry insists that Sean is as much his child as Annie and Dixon, so Debbie brings out the big guns: He's not her son. Suck on that, PrinciPAL.

In the thick of their confrontation, Sean arrives home, bleeding and busted. He claims that the loan sharks found him and roughed him up. He offers to leave in the morning and dramatically stalks off. Harry shouts out that they'll find the money. He and Debbie walk off, so Annie takes the opportunity to sneak up and snoop through Sean's bag. She locates his phone and calls the local number that she saw on his phone. It's an investigation firm.

Kelly and Brenda sit in a hospital waiting room with AAdrianna, filling the time bitching about how ugly hospital waiting rooms are. Oblivious, AAdrianna tries not to notice her world caving in on her. She finds it particularly ironic that she finally got clean only to discover that she might be dying. A nurse interjects to inform AAdrianna that she doesn't have AIDS. She does, however, have a bun in the oven. Commercials.

We return to AAdrianna, freshly sprung from the frying pan and hurtling into the fire. She obviously doesn't understand simple biology or read tabloid magazines (Jamie-Lynn!) as she cries, "I can't be pregnant. I'm only 16!" Kelly speaks from experience (BTW, where is her son?) as she consoles AAdrianna. On the other hand, Brenda practically leaves a cloud of dust behind herself she gets out of there so fast. Kelly offers to help as AAdrianna's mind darts from figuring out how to tell her mother to mentally running through the list of the many junkies she boned for speed in the last few months. She starts to cry when the she considers how Navid will take this news. Kelly cradles her maternally.

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