Hello, Goodbye, Amen

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Son Burn

Back at the Casa, Harry strides into Sean's room and promises him the money... if he takes a paternity test. Harry guiltily says it's just a formality, but Sean -- a little too quickly -- says he understands. Harry gets one more father-son embrace for the road.

As the barbecue winds down, Father Rah Rah gives a speech about family and friends, then pulls Dixon up on the stage to sing "Amazing Grace." I assume he'll be performing "Motown Philly" next, but we don't see as much.

Instead, Dixon's dulcet singing carries on over sweeping shots of L.A., finally landing on Annie hanging up clothes in her closet. She closes the door, and the music stops with a thud as she jumps at the sight of Sean looming behind her. Maybe he is Tracy's son. He certainly has the crazy eyes. He pointedly tells her that he's taking a paternity test tomorrow since some people don't trust him. He claims Annie should understand where's he's coming from since she's had her whole life handed to her. In fact, nimrod, that's exactly why she wouldn't understand, but whatevs... Annie shoots back that not everyone gets to take what isn't theirs, either. About 67 steely glances later, I'm wondering why no one (Annie!) has been abducted. So help me Lifetime, I know where these kinds of confrontations go. But no! Sean just stands there, then semi-menacingly says goodnight before skulking out. WTF? Hog tie the bitch and call it a day, country boy! It's your destiny.

The next day, Harry walks into Sean's empty room. So no paternity test?

Over at AAdrianna's abode, the heroin(e) examines her belly and tries to muster up the courage to call Navid before dissolving into tears again.

Back at the Casa, Crazy Eyes and Naomi have joined the Wilsons. Crazy Eyes remains in denial, but Harry has finally realized that Sean was a scam artist. Harry says he called the P.I. that morning, and his phone was disconnected, which implies that he was in cahoots with Sean. Crazy Eyes leaves, followed by Harry. Debbie solicits Dixon's help in making breakfast, which leaves Annie and Naomi alone. Annie tries to extend the olive branch, but Naomi throws it back in her face. As usual, she blames Annie for all the trouble that has befallen the Clarks, including but not limited to her mom's utterly stupid decision to dip into her own divorce settlement to give Sean money before he left. Yeah, that's totally Annie's fault, jackass. Annie tries to comfort her, but Naomi storms out.

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