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A Blueberry Brazilian Christmas

Over at the Gothic Garage, Silver jumps around giddily at the size of AAdrianna's new place. She is halted mid-hop from awkwardness when she claps eyes on Navid. Since Naomi had one too many blueberry cocktails, and Annie and Dixon bailed to nurse Liam, Silver and he are the only two who showed up to the sleepover. Well, that is unless count Beyoncé. Did I mention that's the name of AAdrianna's Chihuahua? Ugh. This night won't be awkward at all! They take it out to the hot tub, where AAdrianna obliviously tells her jittery friends to relax, then leaves immediately to get her holiday present from Victor. Silver and Navid can't get out of the water fast enough.

Inside, AAdrianna gives Victor a chilly reception as he hands her his Christmas/housewarming/apology gift -- a cashmere blanket and a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne. It's meant to be a joke since she called him a wet blanket earlier. Silver and Navid watch uncomfortably in the background as she acts like a royal bitch, telling him to return the blanket himself. Victor leaves, and Navid tells AAdrianna she was pretty harsh. She correctly notes that Navid has hated Victor from the start since he treated AAdrianna so horribly, but it doesn't justify what a self-righteous, pompous monster AAdrianna has become.

MILF enters Ivy's room as Ivy practices guitar for her dad's caroling extravaganza. MILF excitedly tells Ivy she bought them both tickets to Rome, where they can celebrate the solstice together. Ivy coldly tells her that she's made other plans with her dad. She calls MILF out for telling her dad to stay away from Ivy. MILF says her ex is untrustworthy, which Ivy finds ironic considering how many of MILF's lies and indiscretions have recently come to light. She tells MILF to go to Italy without her.

Gothic Garage. Navid wakes up to Beyoncé's whimpers. He takes the pooch down for a walk and finds Silver getting a late-night glass of water. Navid tells her he can't stop thinking about her and asks if these feelings are all in his head. She unconvincingly says yes, so he steps closer and asks again. As she struggles to speak, AAdrianna startles them by calling out from above. She tells them she had "the most horrible nightmare" -- that she and Miley Cyrus were wearing the same outfit to the Grammys. "I'm literally shaking," she moans. Jackass.

The next day, Naomi and Silver skate around an outdoor ice rink. Naomi says it's cheesy, but Silver thinks she's just jealous that AAdrianna's party has Justin Bieber (by the latke table), Jeremy Piven, Rachel Zoe, and... elves! Seriously. Little people dolled up as elves, tethered together along with studs dressed like reindeer, pulling AAdrianna around the rink as she sings "Santa Baby." Did anyone else just vomit?

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