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A Blueberry Brazilian Christmas

Ivy returns home, where MILF has skipped her flight. She says Naomi called her and filled her in on Ivy's disastrous meet-up with her dad. Ivy tearfully tells MILF that her dad didn't miss her at all and that he's more concerned about his "real" kids than he is about her. She concedes MILF was right about her dad and collapses into MILF's arms. MILF joins in on the crying and apologizes that they don't have a normal family, or celebrate normal holidays. She apologizes for everything that happened with Ausscar and her various other failings as a mother. Ivy sobs that she need MILF to love her. They hug and cry it out.

Gothic Garage. AAdrianna tears through her things searching for the songbook, finally calling Victor, who is celebrating with champagne at a bar. He tells her he's getting his payback by selling her story to various Internet "journalists" and People magazine. He hangs up and puts the moves on the nearest bimbo by offering her a cashmere blanket. Well, it is a little more original -- and seasonal! -- than "What's your sign?"

Downstairs, Ausscar arrives at the party and gets an eyeful of Naomi as she dances with some of the elves. She takes a call from Ivy, who thanks her for calling her mother. Naomi admits she can be self-centered and boy crazy but says she does care about her friends, and Ivy is one of her friends. Ivy tells Naomi that she won't stand in the way if Naomi wants to date Ausscar. They agree to disagree on this topic, much like the blueberry Brazilians. They hang up, and Ivy pounds at their solstice piñata and yells out all the things she would have hated about spending the holidays with her father. The piñata finally bursts, and they dissolve into giggles as they pick up the candy.

La Casa Nueva. Annie wakes up a sleeping Liam. He thanks her and apologizes for making her miss AAdrianna's party. She tells him it felt like her heart stopped when she found out he was in the hospital. She says she wouldn't be okay if he wasn't okay. He apologizes for lashing out at CC. He acknowledges that some of his anger stems from the fact that it's hard to see Annie with CC. Liam tells Annie he's in love with her and has been for a long time. She finally gives in to her feelings, and leans into him.

Party. The figgy pudding guy follows Navid out to the pool, but Navid says no. I suspect he's more of a monkey bread kind of a guy. Silver joins Navid outside. He says he's sorry for making things awkward between them. He gets down on himself for wrecking his family and their relationship, which was the only thing left making him happy. Silver listens sadly to his outpouring of emotions until she can't take it anymore. She finally admits that his feelings weren't one-sided. She has developed feelings for him, too. Navid leans in, and they kiss with months of pent-up emotion.

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