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A Blueberry Brazilian Christmas

Upstairs, AAdrianna finds the first report of her grave robbing has hit the Internet. She looks up, horrified at what is to come. Or maybe she finally realized what a hideous house she signed a six-month contract on.

Downstairs, Ian finishes a Broadway-Kid-turned-piano-bar-singer rendition of "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and makes a beeline for the figgy pudding. Of course. Teddy asks him if they can speak privately. They head into a quiet stairwell, where Teddy tells Ian he's the only person he feels comfortable talking to. Ian suggests he finds a good therapist. Teddy says that Ian has had years to become comfortable with being gay, but Teddy's only had a few months. He says the one thing he's sure about is that he wants to be with Ian and asks if Ian can give him sometime while he figures out all the rest. Ian pulls Teddy in closer, saying he knows where Teddy is coming from and will be okay to keep their relationship quiet for a little while. As they kiss, Dixon wanders to the stairwell looking for someone and discovers Teddy's secret.

Over at La Casa Nueva, Annie is in bed looking all kinds of naked when she gets a text message from CC asking about Liam. She texts back that he's asleep. She rolls over and, sure enough, he's asleep right next to her, also nekkid. She crawls into the nook of his shoulder and considers what a horrible person she is... but also that Liam's sexiness is totally worth it.

Meanwhile, Naomi leaves Ausscar a giddy little message as she returns to her apartment. She tells him he's hot but that she's going to be a good friend to Ivy. As she tells Ausscar she's happy to be alone right now, the camera pans over to reveal that she is very much not alone. Cannon in da house. Dun dun dunnnnn!

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