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Undie Ruse

Elsewhere, Naomi enters Matthews' office to tell him the good news that Cannon has been suspended during the police investigation. Then she notices that Matthews is packing up, as well. He informs her that he's been suspended, too, but he's willing to take that hit to make sure Naomi gets justice. He quotes that famous line of A Tale of Two Cities, telling her she can thank him by reading the book. Naomi walks glumly out of the office and runs smack into Cannon. He wrathfully tells her that she has no case and that he will sue her for everything she's worth when he's acquitted. She keeps up a brave face just long enough to remove herself from the situation.

Cannon continues out to the parking lot, where he drops a Chelsea Football Club water bottle from his box. Ausscar picks it up, and they strike up a conversation about English football. Ausscar picks up on a hint of Cannon's accent and asks from which part of Dagenham Cannon hails. Apparently it's a lower class suburb of London that Ausscar knows about because he had cousins who attended the Chester School in nearby Essex. It's a rather innocuous line of questioning, only made worse when Ausscar playfully tells Cannon, "Your secret's safe with me." He touches a nerve and receives a truly virulent response from the naughty professor, who tells him threateningly to drop it.

Across the parking lot, Ivy watches as Ausscar walks off his run-in with Cannon and approaches a crowd of girls. Suddenly a bouquet of surf board wax pops up in front of Ivy's face. It's Dixon's clever way of apologizing for lying about his ex and pushing Ivy away. She agrees that this gesture is a "definitely less lame" than a clich├ęd bunch of roses. Dixon tells Ivy he loves her and asks if things can go back to the way they were before. She admits that she still loves him, and he says that's all that matters. He urges her to pretend last week never happened, and she reluctantly agrees to press rewind on their relationship.

That night, Silver joins Navid and his parents at the Achievement Awards. They're the only two students among their friends who chose this event over The Undies. They discuss Navid's chances for winning the Leadership Award. He insists he won't win, but Silver thinks the acceptance speech in his shirt pocket tells a different story. Harper walks by, ribbing Navid that his back-of-room table placement must mean he's not in serious awards contention. Before anyone gets a word in, she smugly says has to go to check in with a teacher about the rewrite of her Yale recommendation letter. With that obnoxious display, Silver tells Navid he must take Harper down.

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