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Undie Ruse

Down by the water, Dixon tells Ivy she was robbed of the "Least School Spirit" award. He pulls her in for a romantic smooch under the moonlight, but stops before things get too heated. He wants to take things at Ivy's pace and build up trust again before he takes her supposed virginity. She can't lie to him anymore and spills about cashing in her V-card to Ausscar. Dixon walks away in betrayed silence.

Some time later, Teddy makes Dixon and Navid nervous as swerves all over the road. They ask if he's been drinking. He admits to smoking up but insists he's straightened up. The guys insists he pull over, which is fair enough, but they're so adamant about it that you kind of wonder who the show's creative team thinks lives in Beverly Hills. This is a scene out of an after school movie set in Iowa, or a reaction more like Millie Kentner would have than a porn producer's son and a guy who just a week ago thought he had HIV. Cut this self-righteous judgmental indignation, switch seats, and call it a night, kids. At any rate, Teddy staggers out into the street and walks off without getting plowed down by a car, so the scene's pretty much a wash anyway.

Across town, Annie and Naomi wait in Naomi's car with Silver, who is Citizen Journalist-ing the shit out of the moment of Cannon/Atherton's takedown. They wonder what's taking so long, and Naomi rubs her hands together thinking about the degradation her rapist will endure. Finally a the police lady exits empty-handed and breaks the bad news to Naomi that the naughty professor must have caught wind of what was coming because he has vanished without a trace. The girls try to assure Naomi that her ordeal is over, but I can't help but think this could turn into a multi-episode hostage scenario. That's how they would have done it in the old days before the plot-killer named Matthews came on the scene. Here's hoping for a return to the good old days!

Next week: AAdrianna trudges yet further down the path toward becoming an actual fame whore when she ditches Navid in favor of Joe Jonas at a red carpet event. And just looked how well that kind of behavior turned out for Demi Lovato!

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