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Emily the Deranged
eals that he put an auto-back-up program on it last time he tinkered with it. All her stuff has been saved to an account on the Internet. She throws herself on him in a hug, then pulls away anxiously when she likes the embrace a little too much. Max tells her she can bring his laptop to chemistry class tomorrow, then starts to leave. The himbo she was hitting on earlier tries to pick back up the conversation, but Naomi can't take her eyes off of Max. She finally takes a leap of faith and runs after him. She throws him up against a wall, tells him she can't stop thinking about him, and tells him not to tell anyone as she kisses him ferociously. Once she finally untangles her tongue from him, he says sheepishly that he's flattered, but she isn't his type. As he schleps off, Naomi mumbles, "I thought I was everyone's type."

La Casa Nueva. Debbie takes Annie to task for starting a fight, getting suspended from school, and hurting her chances for college. Annie stands up yet again to deliver the "Emily did it!" speech, but finally realizes that it's useless. She sits back down, broken and silent.

Over at Liam's lair, he notices that something is amiss. He calls out and gets a response from Emily, who's in the other room. She says she couldn't bear to go home and face Annie. She finally walks out to reveal that the only thing she has on is one of Liam's oversized shirts that's seductively draped to reveal a bare shoulder and a lot of leg. She purrs, "I was hoping I could spend the night."

Downtown, AAdrianna meets her producers for a screening of her pilot. They congratulate her on getting this far and tell her they're going to pitch it to the studios as The Hills meets Keeping Up with the Kardashians, only sexier and crazier. They dim the lights and the credit sequence begins. Candid shots of the gang mix in with glamour flashing shots of AAdrianna as David Guetta and Rihanna's "Who's That Chick" plays in the background. When an image of Silver and Naomi pops up on screen, AAdrianna's face goes hard. She asks the producers to hit pause and zoom in on that shot. There it is in front of her, the "cheating whore who ruined my life" earring.

Next week: Naomi trades in Narciso Rodriguez for Na'vi couture.

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