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Previously: Prison pappy cashed in on Liam's stepdad's rare coins. Jen seized control of Naomi's cash. Spence Montgomery didn't like Silver getting in the way of Daddy's little cash cow, a.k.a. Teddy. And AAdrianna plumbed her cache of emotional baggage with Navid to write a hit song and hit it off with world-famous pop sensation Javier, who is a straight-up knock-off of Navid.

Downtown at night, Navid bitches about pop culture as he walks the strip on a boys' night out with Teddy, Liam, and Dixon. The guys wonder what his problem is, so he marches over to the first bus he sees, which just happens to have a larger-than-life picture of Javier, a.k.a. Navid Lite, on the side. Seriously, it's Ross-Russ 2010. Navid smacks the buss in displaced anger before Dixon reminds him that he and AAdrianna broken up. He acknowledges it but says he doesn't really want to be. They ask if Navid's told AAdrianna how he feels, which of course he hasn't. This is Navid we're talking about. They tell him that's kind of key in the whole equation, and Teddy quips that he should step up his competition by cutting a single and becoming an overnight teen heartthrob.

Elsewhere, the girls are gabbing over coffee about whether Navid Lite is a heartthrob-worthy kisser. AAdrianna says she's not sure yet but invites them to her first big gig on Friday night and promises to introduce them. The merriment is cut short when the waiter returns to tell Naomi her card has been declined.

She scampers over to the beach club to ask Jen why her funds are running so low. Jen grabs Naomi's cards and pretends to check them out before coldly cutting up not just one but all of Naomi's cards. She explains that she cancelled Naomi's plastic stash because her spending has gotten out of control. Yeah, like the time she bought that $100,000 race horse. What an impulse purchase! She's putting Naomi on "financial diet consisting of low-denomination greens." Jen gets a note that her shrimp vendor needs to be paid and nastily suggests that maybe Naomi should ask him for some work. Shortly after she steps away, her mobile phone rings. Naomi picks it but doesn't know who the caller (J. Boyd) is. Jen comes back to snatch the phone back from her and act all cagey. Jen warns Naomi that many changes are afoot in her life: "Frugal is the new black."

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