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Knives to the Neck, Knives in the Back

He asks if Annie has figured things out yet, and she tells him she's still thinking. He excuses himself to check out the surfing meet. As he leaves, Emily says he's the cutest boy she's ever seen, and says she totally gets why Annie is "H over H" for him. Annie's all, "What in the what now?" Emily says she saw sparks between them. Annie tells her that chemistry is not everything and that her relationship with Liam is complicated, namely by his brother. Emily thinks it's just like when Brad & Jen suddenly became Brangelina. She thinks Annie and Liam belong together, which Annie is pretty eager to hear.

Meanwhile, AAdrianna lays her PTSD story on thick in front of the cameras. She gets tripped up when the hostess takes her to task for recording an entire album of stolen songs, walking the red carpet with Joe Jonas, and all the other things she did in the months following her supposed onset of "PSTD." When the hostess won't relent and basically calls AAdrianna a grimy, spotlight hogging hag, AAdrianna makes her publicist's worst nightmare come true and dissolves into tears on television.

Surf meet. Ivy joins Dixon and Teddy in line as they wait to compete. She tries to thank him for saving her life, but he's pretty cold toward her. The coach calls them in for a pep talk, then sends them to the water. Teddy gives Dixon a friendly pat on the chest, which he naturally misinterprets as he heads out. Ivy approaches the waves more slowly, showing signs of a little PTSD herself. She starts to run in, then stumbles conveniently. She calls to the coach that she did something to her hamstring. He tells her to sit out. She puts up a weak protest, but it's obvious she's not too upset about it.

Cannon comes to as Silver and Naomi tape him to a chair. He shouts insults at him, so Naomi responds in turn by pimp-slapping the shit out of him. She calls him "a shriveled excuse for a man... pitiful and disgusting." Silver moves to call the police, but Naomi asks if she can see the phone. She takes it and hurls it across the room, then kicks Cannon onto his back. Then she pulls out his knife, saying, "I'll handle the justice myself."

Casa Nueva. Emily fawns over Annie's clothes as Annie puts together an outfit for her night with Liam. She thinks Annie and Liam "have more chemistry than Demi and Ashton," and is super-excited (perhaps a little too excited, frankly) about her cousin's night out. Annie takes the compliments and says Emily can borrow her clothes anytime.

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