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Knives to the Neck, Knives in the Back

Over on the beach, Ivy and Liam watch the surf meet. Charlie approaches and tells Liam they need to talk about Annie. They step aside, where Charlie asks what happened the night before. He thinks Annie is acting weird and wonders what Liam told her. They rehash all the old drama between them, about how Charlie set up Liam so he wouldn't stay with Charlie's family. Charlie admits that Liam is right. He did set him up -- but not because he was jealous. He set him up so Liam wouldn't have to endure the beatings that Charlie's father put him through every day. With that, Liam's heart starts to turn.

Clarkette Condo. Naomi holds the knife to Cannon's neck as he whimpers for his life and admits that he did everything. Silver cries out for Naomi to stop, and Cannon follows suit. Naomi says Cannon deserves to die. Silver agrees, but tells Naomi that killing Cannon will end her life. She whimpers that it's not worth it. Naomi slowly removes the knife and crumples into Silver's arms wailing.

Back on Hello LA, the hostess hands AAdrianna a tissue as she welcomes sleazy Victor to the stage. Victor spins a pretty (and completely bullshit) yarn about the circumstances of meeting AAdrianna, claiming her believed in AAdrianna from the start and didn't know about the notebook until recently. AAdrianna calls him out on his lies, but it only serves to incriminate her more. He pulls out the fan card, saying Javier's followers deserve better. AAdrianna finally crumbles under the pressure and runs offstage. Navid sees all this go down live on a monitor in the dressing room and quickly realizes he's S.O.L. AAdrianna runs in like a hot mess and gives him the "Woe is me" rundown. But there's one bright spot in her life: Navid. Sucker.

Over at the casa, Debbie enters Annie's room to ask her a question. When "Annie" turns around, Debbie realizes it's actually Emily playing dress-up in Annie's closet. Debbie says she's glad they're getting along and heads back downstairs. Emily takes off Annie's hat and pulls out her phone to gaze lovingly at the picture she took of Liam. She looks up devilishly. More to come on that, I'm sure...

Beach. West Bev's surf coach wanly congratulates them on their third place finish. Teddy tries to compliment Dixon's performance and is met with strained silence. He heads over to ask Dixon if he's going to stick around and surf more, but gets more of the same. He wonders why Dixon is acting weird. Dixon eventually spills that he saw Teddy kissing Ian. Teddy denies it several times before he realizes the jig is up. He begs Dixon to keep quiet until he's figured things out. Dixon reluctantly agrees, then runs off. Up the beach a little, Ivy limps over to a trash can, tosses the ice pack for her hamstring, then lithely runs into her car without a twinge of pain.

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