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Parental Misguidance

Over in a lower-rent part of town, Silver has donned a too-tight cheetah print hooker dress and a hot pink bra for an undercover sting operation at Shirazi Cinema. She meets a trampy Reese Witherspoon knock-off called Holly Woodlove, who compliments her porn-ready name and assures her that "they need girls with small breasts, too." Silver says she's nervous because she's not 18 yet, but Holly -- who did movies when she was 17 -- directs her to a place where she can get a fake ID and says that the casting directors will take anything, even if it doesn't look like her. When the casting director calls Silver, she makes an excuse about leaving some papers in her car and bolts out of there. She meets Navid outside and tells him the awful truth.

La Casa Nueva. The kids walk in, and Debbie points to the divorce papers that they opened earlier. They tell her about the ill-conceived visit to Harry's place and tell her about Katie. Debbie says she knew already but didn't want to upset them. She asks them to be happy for Harry and offers herself as a sounding board if they need to talk.

Clarkette Compound. Naomi stops by for a visit at Jen's request. Jen hands over a pair of gold stilettos that Naomi can wear to the magazine party and gives Naomi keys to the house as well as full access to her closet. Naomi doesn't know what to make of this new friendly demeanor, nor of the fact that Jen is opting to stay in with Jacques that night instead of attending the party, but she shrugs it off. Post-partum, party of one!

Downtown, Joe Jonas finds AAdrianna as she primps for the party. She thanks him for helping her boost her image, and he quips that he's hoping being seen with her will squash the rumors he's dating Lady Gaga. He breaks down the publicity date process for her, then consults which tie he should wear. Victor storms in and tears down AAdrianna's confidence with a single sentence, telling her she looks bad in white. Joe encourages her not to change, but she insists it's no big deal.

Back at Shirazi Entertainment, Navid confronts his dad about his questionable hiring practices. Mr. Shirazi refuses to answer the question and tells Navid he expects a life full of fast cars and fancy beach club memberships but doesn't consider that those things were given to him thanks to his dad's work. He harshly tells Navid to leave the worrying to the grown-ups. When Navid stands there, chin on the ground, Mr. Shirazi spits, "Get the Hell out of my office."

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